Cook’s Resource: WiseGeek’s Food and Cooking Site

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While researching blackstrap molasses the other day, we came across an informative and well-written article on the WiseGeek website. Curious, we decided to see what else the site had to offer…and promptly lost several coffee breaks as we clicked from link to link!

WiseGeek seems to be set up somewhat similar to Wikipedia in that the site offers a comprehensive collection of articles on a vast range of topics (even beyond food and cooking), though these articles are written by a team of authors and specialists instead of the community. The short articles are set up as question and answers, covering such basic topics as “What is Rice?” and then ranging to more complicate subjects like “Why Are Nuts Considered Healthy Despite Their High Fat Content?”

Initially skeptical (and uninspired by the sparse layout), we found the articles to be factually accurate and quite helpful. Each one is seeded with internal links so that if you don’t understand a term, you can learn more about it. The only annoyance is the quantity of ads, some of which pop up as you scroll over the page and obscure the very words you’re trying to read!

We think this will be a great resource for answering quick questions and getting a general overview of a new cooking technique or ingredient. Take a look!

Food and Cooking from WiseGeek

(Image: WiseGeek)