Cook’s Footwear: What Do You Wear While Cooking?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Fashion and footwear isn’t something that comes up very often here at the Kitchn. But with all the winter and holiday cooking in our near future, we thought we’d pay tribute to that which keeps us on our toes! What do you wear for a long day in the kitchen?

Hands down, if I’m going to be in the kitchen for longer than a quick meal fix, I put on my Dansko clogs. Or at least I remember to put them on once my feet start to ache!

They’re expensive and I wouldn’t buy them just to wear while cooking, but they are definitely my footwear of choice when I have to be on my feet. Not only do my feet stay comfy but I also notice that my back doesn’t hurt nearly as much. As an added bonus, the thick soles help put shorties like me at a much better height for working at the counter!

I’ve also known a lot of people who swear by Crocs (Mario Batali-orange or otherwise) and I’ve thought about buying a pair myself. People say that they’re lightweight and cushiony – a good combination when doing a lot of prep work or standing over a pot on the stove.

What about you? What shoes do you wear while cooking?

(Image: Emma Christensen for the Kitchn)