Pet Food Scare: Cooking at Home for Cats and Dogs?

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(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Are you cooking for Fluffy and Fido? While Rachel Ray suggests sharing a Croque Monsieur with your dog, we’d never really considered cooking for our pets before.

But as the list of recalled pet foods expands
, we’re paying more attention to the information on the back of our pet food packages and learning what we can to keep our pets safe.

“Home Cooking for Pets Is Suddenly Not So Odd”
says the New York Times this morning. The article explains that pet food cookbooks sales have spiked and reports that some pet cookbooks are back ordered on, but check this out. . .

. . . we found the same books the Times mentions, for sale below their list price on Real Food for Dogs (starting at $8.30)and Real Food for Cats (starting at $4.85).

Pet Food Recipes: Mental Wastebasket says these recipes come from a UC Davis vet. We’d love a link to the original source if anyone knows it.

Martha Stewart Living: Here’s a primer on shopping for pet food. “Some extremely health-conscious owners shy away from semi-moist foods, which may contain dyes and chemicals to keep them soft and fresh, as well as foods containing animal by-products. Indeed, some owners go so far as to make their own pet food.”


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