Cook’s Confession: How Often Do You Sweep and Mop?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Given the amount of crumbs that get scattered, spoons that get dropped, and pans that get spilled in the course of a single cooking session, we could probably be cleaning our kitchen floor every day and night! But do we? Here, we’ll go first:

With the Kitchen Cure going on, we’ve been looking at some of our habits with a critical eye, and I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no model for good housekeeping! Those pesky crumbs collect under the counters and in cracks where I don’t see them. Plus our kitchen floor is dark colored, so it can take a while before I really start to notice the dirt and random drops. Excuses, excuses!

This is all to say that I don’t sweep or mop nearly as often as I probably should. In reality, I sweep roughly once a week and mop once a month, with a lot of spot cleaning in between. I don’t keep a set schedule, but tend to go by feel – when it gets to a point where I can’t help but notice the smudges, that’s when we get out the mop.

Some of you are probably appalled by our habits, while others are nodding along! Now that I’ve sat down and examined my habits, I’d like to start sweeping a few times a week and mopping at least once. My kitchen is a small galley, so it really doesn’t add a lot of time at the end my day to make this happen.

What are your habits like? Would you like to change them?

(Image: Flickr member kaiton licensed under Creative Commons)