Cook’s Confession: Do You Peek In Other People’s Carts?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

There’s a long line at the grocery check-out counter. Do you a) peruse the gossip magazines, b) sneak a peek at the contents of your neighbor’s cart, or c) a little bit of magazine-perusing and a little bit of cart-peeking?

Ok, we confess: we definitely peek at other people’s carts. It’s really fascinating to see what other people are shopping for!

Sometimes we try to guess what the person is planning to make. (Steak, onions, milk, beans, and chocolate chips?) Sometimes we discover a new product or ingredient that we haven’t come across before, and we’re tempted to run out of the line to try and find it. (This store has udon noodles?!)

And then, inevitably, we look in our own carts and try to figure out what someone else would think about us if they looked inside!

Fess up – are you guilty of looking in other people’s carts? Or do you stick to the gossip magazines?!

(Image: Flickr member Robert Couse-Baker licensed under Creative Commons)