Cooking with Pumpkin: From Whoopie Pies to GoulashBon Appétit

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We cooked with raw pumpkin once last year, and it was a disaster. But these recipes are giving us new courage. Some are made with canned pumpkin, yes, but others use a specific pumpkin that is the best one for cooking. Do you know which it is?

Sugar pumpkins are the smallish, round pumpkins that you should be looking for in terms of cooking. They are sweeter and less fibrous than Jack-O-Lantern-sized pumpkins.

This Bon Appétit slideshow has many more than five recipes; we just picked our favorites. Go take a look. The recipes go way beyond your classic pumpkin pie.

See all the recipes: Cooking with Pumpkin, at Bon Appétit

Above are the ones we thought looked the most interesting….

Which one looks best to you? Are you cooking with pumpkin this Fall?

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