Cooking with Leftovers: Making Pot Roast Last All Week

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

When we shared our favorite pot roast recipe yesterday, we also mentioned how much we love having the leftovers in the fridge to use for meals during the week. Our families inevitably get tired of straight pot roast for every meal (even if we don’t), so we have sneaky ways for transforming it into new dishes!

We really like to stretch out the leftovers and make this ready-made food last through the week. Instead of featuring the roast in every meal, we use it sparingly – as if it were just another ingredient accenting the flavors in our dish!

1. Sandwiches – Instead of buying lunch meat from the deli, we’ve started thinly slicing some of the leftover pot roast to make roast beef sandwiches for some of our daily lunches.

2. Pizza – Pizza is one of our stand-by weeknight meals, and having toppings that we simply can throw on makes it even quicker. We just shred some of the post roast or cut a few slices into cubes for the pizza.

3. Pulled Beef Sandwiches – We mix a few cups of shredded roast with some barbecue sauce for near-instant pulled beef sandwiches. A minute or two over low heat warms them right up!

4. Quick Soups – Some chopped pot roast really rounds out a simple soup. We like making a vegetable-based soup and then adding a cup of cubed or shredded beef at the very end.

5. Hearty Salads – If we’re just having a salad for dinner, it’s nice to toss in some of the beef for a little more protein.

6. Burritos – Roll up some cut beef with beans, rice, lettuce, and cheese in your favorite wrap and call it dinner! We also use the beef in other Mexican-themed dishes like enchiladas and taco salads.

What else do you like to do with leftover roast?