Cooking on Vacation: What Are Your Burning Questions This Summer?

(Image credit: Bilibin Maksym)shutterstock

Memorial Day has come and gone, 4th of July is around the corner, and vacation calendars are filling up. How about you? Are you on vacation right now, perhaps? Or headed to the beach or a cabin soon?

We’re curious: What are your summer vacation cooking plans, and how can we help? This is the time of year our inbox lights up with questions about cooking for a gaggle of family and friends at under-equipped rentals, and meals that can satisfy a crowd. Is that what you’re looking for too, or do you just want to know whether your sandwich will make it through TSA?

Tell us your most burning questions for cooking this summer, especially during travel and vacation. Oh, and house guests — have any of those headed your way this summer?

We’ll do our best to grab the most frequent ones during July and offer up all our best resources for eating fabulously during the height of summer.