Cooking Issues You Never Knew You Had

Cooking Issues You Never Knew You Had

Stephanie Barlow
Oct 4, 2010

Have you ever felt the need to have your own centrifuge? How about a recipe for potato ice cream or clarified lime juice? After reading this blog written by two French Culinary Institute bigwigs, you might change your mind. They cover the culinary avant-garde with incredible detail and somehow manage not to take themselves too seriously.

The blog is Cooking Issues and it's headed up by two of the French Culinary Institute's finest: Nils Norén, vice president of culinary and pastry arts and Dave Arnold, director of culinary technology. The duo, along with FCI students and other bloggers, bring to life concepts of molecular gastronomy. Think you'll be lost? Think again. They break down each topic into simple terms and do it with so much enthusiasm you can't help but keep reading.

Topics range from how to infuse rum with bay leaves to how temperature affects how a cocktail tastes. The site includes primers on liquid nitrogen and sous-vide cooking, a kind of molecular gastronomy 101 for those of us (which is to say most of us!) who don't know hydrocolloids from transglutaminase. They take each topic step by step and even describe their failures along the way (including an unsuccessful attempt at cooking beaver tail).

And if that's not entertaining enough, there's an entire page dedicated to before and after photos of people doing shots of aquavit. Check out Jimmy Fallon!

Visit their blog: Cooking Issues
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(Image: Time/Larry Busacca)

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