Cooking Inspiration: Where Do You Find Your Recipes?

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A few years ago it still seemed like cookbooks and magazines were where it was at. But more and more these days, we find ourselves turning to the internet as our main source for our recipe inspiration.

What about you? Where do you find most of your recipes?

Upon further reflection, we realize that we use the internet for actual recipes, cookbooks as a resource on technique, and food magazines for inspiration on new flavors and ingredients.

By and large, recipes on the internet–either on databases like Epicurious, websites like ours, or individual blogs–seem to be recipes that people actually make. Often they’re being recommended by someone who’s skill level and kitchen set-up are similar to ours, and the ingredients are easily found.

What these recipes sometimes lack is a solid grounding in technique. A blogger might tell us to use a particular procedure without explaining what they really mean or what to do. That’s when we turn to trusted cookbooks for a little insight.

Food magazines keep us connected with what’s going on in the greater food world. What’s new and trendy, hot or not. They edge us out of the comfort zone and expose us to new things we haven’t yet tried.

Cooking shows and food TV
can fall anywhere in the mix. Some shows give us real recipes, some ground us in technique, and some inspire.

Sound familiar? What’s your take?

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