Cooking Inspiration: Do You Watch Cooking Shows on YouTube?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Like Dana and her obsession with Jamie Oliver’s back episodes and Nigella Lawson clips, we often turn to YouTube for a little dose of inspiration and extra time with our favorite food gurus. What about you?

Until all the networks get on board with posting entire shows to their websites, we’ll settle for the short clips that somehow make their way onto YouTube and similar sites. We spend the majority of the time just wandering from clip to clip with no real aim beyond finding ones we haven’t seen before.

However, sometimes we have a vague recollection of a particular technique or recipe from a particular show that we’d like to see again. It can take a bit of searching with clever key words, but most of the time, we can find the clip we’re looking for. This is particularly helpful if the recipe doesn’t fully explain the technique being called for.

Do you find YouTube and other internet video sites useful for watching cooking shows?