Kitchen Improv: Spring Onions, Bacon and Rosemary

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Purple potatoes, garlic, spring onions, bacon and fresh rosemary. If you just had these ingredients around, what would you do with them?

We were so inspired by Flickr member Helga Kvam and her photo titled “improvisation on dinner from a nearly empty fridge (or “I must go shopping”)”.

She took a photo of her ingredients then another photo of the finished dish. This is a simple but delicious improvisation on these ingredients. She lightly fried the onions, rosemary, and bacon, then roasted with the spring onions and potatoes. Delicious, and a great simple meal on its own. It’s also a good side dish for roast chicken or lamb.

• See full improvised recipe here: improvisation on dinner at Flickr

Do you have any recent improvisations you’d like to share?

(Image: Flickr member hkvam. Used by permission.)