Cooking For One: Tips, Recipes, and Thoughts for the Solo Cook

updated May 12, 2022
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Cooking for one? We know that it takes a little extra creativity and motivation sometimes to create a tasty dinner just for yourself. Take heart with our tips and recipes for the solo cook, including how to get your cooking mojo back, tips for a better solo lunch, and thoughts on the perfect dinner for one.

• 1 Tips for a Better Solo Lunch
• 2 Four Basic Challenges in Cooking for One: And Four Simple Solutions
• 3 7 Ways to Get Your Cooking Mojo Back
• 4 Cooking for One: Eggs for Dinner
• 5 When Eating Alone is Lonely

• 6 Living Alone with a Dishwasher
• 7 Keeping Sweets in the House
• 8 The Solo Picnic
• 9 Cooking for One? Make a Big Pot of Rice
• 10 Why Bother Cooking Just For Yourself?

• 11 Onion Strategies in the Single Kitchen
• 12 The Toaster Oven in the Solo Kitchen
• 13 A Single Jar of Refrigerator Jam
• 14 For the Love of Smoked Salmon
• 15 Revisiting the Violet Hour as Alone Time

• 16 How to Cope with a Big Loaf of Bread When Dining Alone
• 17 A Big Pot of Delicious Soup (For One): 7 Soup Tips for Solo Cooks
• 18 One Woman, One Rotisserie Chicken, and Five Days: A Menu Plan
• 19 A Few Good Sauces for the Solo Cook
• 20 An Omelet and a Glass of Wine: Some Thoughts on the Perfect Dinner for One

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