Cooking Confessions: Do You Eat Your Mistakes?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

What we didn’t show you in our photo of delicious sweet potato fries the other week was this handful of burned chips! We weren’t paying attention while cooking one of the batches, and several of the thinner fries at the edge of the pan (where our oven seems to be hotter) got a little extra crispy. Would you have eaten these?

We actually did end up eating these, just as we end up eating most of our mistakes. Burned potatoes, dry eggs, crunchy noodle casseroles – as long as it’s marginally edible, we’ll slather on some ketchup or hot sauce and dig in. It might not be the most enjoyable meal, and we would certainly never serve this food to guests, but we’re not really too bothered.

We’d love to say we eat our mistakes out of frugality and a desire to avoid waste. There’s some of that in there, but the bigger truth is that we’re lazy. After spending the time to make the food in the first place, we’d rather choke down a bit of sub-par cooking rather than take the time to start again from scratch!

What about you – do you eat your mistakes or do you give yourself permission to order take-out that night?!

(Image: Emma Christensen for the Kitchn)