Cooking By Feel: What Are Your Best Fast Desserts?

Cooking By Feel: What Are Your Best Fast Desserts?

Faith Durand
May 12, 2008

As we talk about cooking without recipes and cooking by feel, one thing that tends to fall by the wayside is dessert. Cooking dinner without a recipe is simple; anyone can make a pot of pasta, toss with fresh garden herbs, olive oil, Parmesan, and lemon zest (as we did last night), and call it dinner. But when we think dessert we think complicated baking and finicky cakes - we think recipes.

Dessert - how do you whip that up quickly, without referring to a multi-step recipe? We actually think this is not only possible but often preferable. We went looking through Epicurious recipes to get some inspiration, and we're interested in your good ideas too...

There are two secret ingredients to nearly-instant desserts (and no, they are not instant pudding and packaged cookie dough).

Number one, good fruit. Number two, whipping cream.

Keep a bit of fresh fruit around and some fresh cream, and you can have a lovely dessert ready in literally no time. Spring is the ideal time for this too, since fresh berries with cream, a touch of sugar and perhaps a little mint are a treat of the purest kind.

If you want to go slightly more in-depth, here are two excellent fast recipes from Epicurious, both also involving fruit.

Pineapple, Honeydew, And Mango With Ginger And Fresh Herbs - Not too sweet, and different enough from an everyday fruit salad to be a little more sophisticated and right for dessert. Add a touch of ginger whipped cream and a dessert wine and it's fancy enough for a party!

Five-Minute Vanilla Ice Cream Pie With Warm Berry Compote - This recipe relies on another last-minute dessert staple: vanilla ice cream. Press into a homemade graham cracker crust, add warm berries and you have a special yet quick dessert.

These are also desserts that are not reliant on recipes. You can take sugar, fruit, and cream and toss for an instant and memorized treat. You can memorize a basic recipe for streusel, sprinkle it on a few sliced apples and bake for quick apple crumble. You can whip whipping cream until very stiff and fold with stewed fruit for an instant fruit fool - that classic British dessert.

What other quick, easy, nearly-instant homemade desserts do you like to make?

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