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This Super-Simple Spin on Homemade Rice Krispies Treats Is the Nostalgic Upgrade You Can Appreciate

published Feb 7, 2022
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Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman; Food Styling: Anna Stockwell
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When it comes to dessert, Oreos just make everything taste better for me. From ice cream to both cake and cupcakes, the longtime favorite cookie of mine can do no wrong. And when the two rich, chocolate cookies with the sweet taste of crème in the middle are paired with Rice Krispies Treats? It’s nostalgic gold.

Growing up, my mother would make Rice Krispies Treats every Saturday for my friends and I after a long, rowdy day of playing sports. It was the sweet reward for a day of hard work that we looked forward to after every game. So, you can imagine my excitement when I came across TikTok influencer Philly BakesCookies & Cream Rice Krispies Treats recipe. With just a few simple steps, you’ll be on your way to enjoying your new favorite treat to eat while binge-watching tv. 

The recipe starts off with some fun by taking a row or two of Double Stuf Oreos and smashing them inside of a ziptop bag until they’re crumbled into pieces. In the video, he uses a knife but for safety I’d recommend a few gentle whacks with the bottom of an empty glass bottle or rolling pin. You’ll then take a few additional Oreos out of the pack and break them in half instead of crushing them. 

After preparing your Oreos, simply heat your coconut oil (this is used instead of butter for those who are sensitive to large amounts of dairy) and add in your mini marshmallows. Once the marshmallows are melted and fluffy, add in your Rice Krispies, salt, vanilla extract, and crumbled Oreos before using a spatula to stir it all together.

Once you’ve got your mix, transfer half of it to a baking sheet lined with wax paper. Spread it evenly before adding your halved Oreo pieces on top of this first layer. You’ll then add the remaining mix on top before covering the mix with wax paper and pressing it firmly to even it out. Be sure to let the mix set before slicing and serving it.

It’s no secret that I’m not the best when it comes to working in the kitchen, but this recipe is so simple, even I feel confident in my ability to bring this nostalgic treat to life. If you’re looking for another twist on this throwback treat, however, I’d recommend these Peanut Butter and Oreo Rice Krispies or this extra chocolate-y spin on the cookies and cream RKT.