This Easy Store-Bought Cookie Tin Hack Makes the Most Brilliant Holiday Dessert

published Dec 6, 2023
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Danish butter cookies in a red Christmas tin box with the snowflakes and deer illustration. Holiday tea cake cookies.
Credit: harexape / Shutterstock

There’s something so nostalgic about picking up a cookie tin from the grocery store during the holidays. Not only is the packaging super special, but the butter cookies inside also have a delightfully familiar flavor. While simply snacking on the cookies for a few weeks is great, you can also take things to the next level by trying this creative cookie tin hack.

Instead of just eating the cookies as is, you can also use them to make an icebox cake-adjacent dessert all in the tin itself, like TikTok user Kristin (aka kristinsfriends). In the video, Kristin pours eggnog over the cookies (although we recommend removing the paper wrappers before adding the eggnog!) right in the cookie tin. Then, Kristin mashes the cookies, tops them with cherry pie filling, and then tops everything off with instant pudding.

At the start, the creation seems questionable, but as it comes together, it becomes something between a dump cake and an icebox cake. The mixture is then chilled for an hour and then topped with whipped cream. As the mixture sits, all of the components meld, which makes it easier to scoop from the cookie tin.

As a person who loves icebox cakes of any kind, I actually think this is a delightfully creative idea. While it might not be the most picturesque dessert, its components definitely go well together. And my favorite part of the idea is that it’s all done in the cookie tin, which can be bought at almost any grocery store. 

If you’re in the market for picking up a couple cookie tins from your local grocery store, pick up an extra one and try out this hack. You can even customize the ingredients by using a different flavor of instant pudding or a different type of canned pie filling!