Cook to Cook: Do You Enjoy Grocery Shopping?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Cooking, we love. No question. But a trip to buy groceries, now that can be a different matter entirely. Do you see grocery shopping as an enjoyable prelude to a day in the kitchen? Or a necessary evil?

My own answer, and probably yours, is that it depends. It depends on where I’m shopping, who is with me, how much time I have, what I need, and what I’m finding. And probably the alignment of the planets with the phases of the moon.

Put me at the farmers market close to when it opens on a lazy weekend day with my husband, and it’s a pretty safe bet that I’m going to enjoy myself. But drop me into Safeway at 5:30 when all I need is a bag of pasta and a carton of milk, and that’s a different story entirely!

A lot can also depend on my expectations. I’ve had surprising moments of zen when I find myself puttering through Trader Joe’s for far longer than I had planned. I’ve also been frustrated when my anticipated leisurely stroll through the farmers market is met with crowds and tables devoid of the ingredients I need.

But on the whole, I’d have to say that I do enjoy grocery shopping. I like puzzling together what ingredients I’ll need through the week and finding an excuse to buy something not on the list. A full bag of food that I’m looking forward to cooking and eating is a very good feeling indeed.

What about you? What are your feelings toward grocery shopping?

(Image: Flickr member gmtbillings licensed under Creative Commons)