Cook Like a Pro: Banish Your Salt Shaker from the Kitchen

published Jan 29, 2013
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I’m not hating on salt shakers here: I mean, how else am I supposed to surreptitiously salt my eggs when I’m at my parents’ house? I’m just saying that if you want to cook like a pro in the kitchen, leave the salt shaker on the table.

Your real aim when salting a dish while cooking is not to make the dish salty, but rather to reduce bitterness and bring out the other flavors in the food. This trick of science just ain’t gonna happen with a few shakes from the salt shaker. 

Much better is to keep your salt in a covered container or salt pig where you can grab a healthy pinch or scoop it up with a measuring spoon. Even if you’re watching your salt intake, you’re better off measuring the exact amount of salt going into your food rather than using a salt shaker.

The best place for a salt shaker is on the dining room table where each person can add a final dash to suit their own particular taste. In the kitchen, cook like a pro and banish the shaker.

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