I’m a Restaurant Worker and This Is the One Thing I’m Buying on Prime Day

published Jul 12, 2023
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Well, 2023 marks the year I traded working in a chaotic TV newsroom for the equally chaotic (but far more enjoyable) NYC restaurant scene. As a restaurant worker, what was once just a job to help me keep the lights on now fills me with so much joy: I get to utilize my love for the culinary arts to curate, for others, the unmatched bonding experience of sharing a meal together. That’s also an experience that I try to emulate in my own home when I invite friends over for dinner.  

Speaking of having friends over for dinner, this summer marked another historical event in my life: the summer I bought my first charcoal grill. And, let me tell you — summer has never been more fun or delicious. However, cooking on a grill comes with a pretty substantial learning curve, and even while maintaining a watchful eye on whatever you’re whipping up, there’s still plenty of room for failure. In fact, there have been times when I’ve actually felt shackled to my new toy — constantly playing with the vents, moving the meat, checking the smoke, and generally stressing out — all while my friends got to hang out and have fun before dinner. That’s why this Prime Day, I’m saying goodbye to grilling-induced stress and snagging ThermoPro’s TempSpike Wireless Meat Thermometer.

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ThermoPro’s TempSpike Wireless Meat Thermometer has two sensors: One side measures the internal temperature of whatever you’re cooking; the other, the space that it’s cooking in. The thermometer uses Bluetooth technology to ping this information (with a 500-foot range!) directly to your phone on ThermoPro’s mobile app, so you never have to worry about over- or undercooking your eats again. The two sensors are necessary for any hope-to-be grillmaster, since while it’s critical to monitor your meat’s internal temperature, it’s also important to monitor the temperature of the space directly surrounding your meat. That’s because the built-in thermometers on different grills can vary wildly due to a) where they’re located compared to where the meat is cooking, and b) low-quality construction. If the space around your meat is too warm, it could significantly affect the cook time and give you a tough end result. If it’s not warm enough, your friends might order pizza before anything is ready to come off the grill. 

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I’m also stoked on the features ThermoPro built into their app to help you nail your cooks in the short term and master your grilling techniques in the long run. The app comes equipped with customizable, temperature-triggered alarms and guidelines on USDA-recommended temperatures so you can limit the risk of food-borne illness to practically zero.

Plus, the app gives you the ability to make notes and download temperature graphs every time you light up the grill! This will let you record what worked and what didn’t until you’re eventually making succulent and safe-to-consume meals night after night. So, stop stressing over your grilled eats and snag the ThermoPro TempSpike Wireless Meat Thermometer while it’s still on sale.

Buy: ThermoPro TempSpike Wireless Meat Thermometer, $63.99 (normally $99.99)