Fireside Chats: 5 Campfire Conversation Starters

(Image credit: David & Deborah Hopler of D Squared Photography & Video)

Whether you’re roasting weenies in a backyard fire pit or hanging out at a bonfire on the beach, sitting around a fire is the perfect way to unwind with loved ones. In fact, talking around a fire is credited with advancing human culture 40,000 years ago. It’s how our ancestors bonded, relaxed, and entertained each other. They sang songs, told stories, and engaged in elaborate dances, which we still do to this day.

If you’re curious about what to talk about as the fire rages, here are some ideas.

1. Spook everyone with a scary story.

Let your imagination run wild. Bring your story to life by including details of your surroundings. If you’re camping, talk about the snapping branches underfoot. If you’re at the beach, mention the pounding waves. The flickering fire will heighten the drama and keep your friends in rapt attention.

2. Go around in a circle and say what accomplishment makes you proudest.

Orchestrate a feel-good moment by having everyone talk about their achievements. Not only will it create positive vibes, but it also might give you additional insight to the lives of your friends and family.

3. Pick someone in the group and have everyone say their favorite memory of him or her.

Whether you’re celebrating someone’s birthday or just feel like heaping a little extra love on a person in attendance, reminisce about your silliest, happiest memory. Before you know it, the entire group will be cackling with laughter.

4. Get everyone (kids included!) involved in a communal story.

Go in a circle and have every person contribute a sentence, building on what came before. It’s a simple exercise, and it can get goofy quite fast. Plus, the kids will enjoy being included in the fun.

5. See who’s up for a round of “Never Have I Ever.”

If you’re at a kid-free affair, kick up the fun with a round of this wild game. Here’s a quick rundown of the rules, which involve taking a sip of a drink if someone mentions something you’ve done. Looking for things to say to start it off? Here’s a list of 75 Never Have I Ever ideas.