Help! What’s the Best Method for Getting Grease Off My Convection Oven?

published Aug 6, 2019
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Dear Kitchn Editors,

I have an Oster convection oven. What can I use to clean the built-up grease on top of the oven?



Arie: Lisa, this is all you.

Lisa: Oooo, a cleaning question! Does she mean the top of the INSIDE? Or the top top?

Arie: Great Q. Let’s answer both! Is there a difference for how you would handle?

Lisa: For sure! On the outside, I’d just use a sponge and some warm soap water. JUST A LITTLE cause you don’t want to soak an electric appliance with water. But liquid dish soap is GREAT at cutting through grease. I’d put a little bit of soap on a sponge, get it damp, and wipe as needed. Then, go over it again with just a damp sponge until it feels like there’s no soap.

Arie: Smart! Any dish soap will do?

Lisa: Dawn is REALLY great! But any liquid dish soap will work.

Lauren Kodiak: Lisa will probably say this, but for the inside of the oven I used our baking soda method when I moved into my new house and found a DISGUSTINGLY greasy oven.

Lisa: For the inside, it’s funny. (Not, like, funny ha ha.) I was going to suggest using the same method we suggest for cleaning the inside of an oven BUT! I just pulled up some Oster manuals and they seem to suggest warm soapy water for that too. Again NOT A LOT OF WATER! This is an electric appliance. Make sure to use only mild, soapy water. Abrasive cleaners, scrubbing brushes, and chemical cleaners will damage the coating on this unit.

I would try the warm, soapy water first. If it’s still not coming clean, I’d test the baking soda method.

Arie: Amazing, thanks Lisa! You’re the smartest.

Lisa: Not the smartest, just the cleanest.

Arie: I always assume I need something stronger! 

Lisa: People love to think that! But you really don’t! Dish soap is a miracle worker for grease.