Control Your Home Appliances with This Smart Plug, on Sale Right Now

updated May 1, 2019
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If you dream of having a smart home but don’t have the cash (or the patience) to completely wire everything in your house to operate with the touch of a button or the sound of your voice, we feel you.

But just because you’re not completely “plugged in” doesn’t mean you have to live life unplugged. This WeMo Mini Smart Plug (on sale now as part of Amazon’s Prime Day deals, which will fully reveal themselves in all their glory on July 11) connects to your home WiFi and allows you to control any appliance you plug into it with a free companion app. And if you have an Alexa-enabled device, you’ll save money on a purchase today.

If you order it now through Alexa (just say, Alexa, order a WeMo Mini Smart Plug), she’ll save you $7.

Just think of all the ways you could use this fancy new plug.

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Wemo Mini Smart Plug, $28 ($35 when ordered without Alexa)

1. Get your coffee brewing from bed.

You need coffee to get your day started, but it’s a drag to drag yourself out of bed, start the coffee maker, and lean sleepily against your kitchen counter until the first cup is ready. If you do a little setup before bed, you can wake up, roll over, turn the coffee on, and get a few more minutes of shut-eye before waking up to a fresh pot of coffee.

2. Curb your anxiety.

If you’re a Did I leave the iron on? type of person, the WeMo will help you immensely. No longer will you wonder if you left fill-in-the-blank appliance on after you’ve already left the house. Why? Because you can check for sure with the companion app, and turn it off remotely if you did actually leave it on.

3. Save energy.

With a timer setting built into the app, you can schedule lights to turn on at sunset so you’re not walking into a dark house, you can schedule the AC to turn on an hour before you arrive home in the summertime to ensure you’re not returning to a too-hot kitchen, and with the Away Mode feature, you can put your lights on a schedule so that it’ll look like you’re actually home even when you’re on a two-week vacation on the other side of the globe.

4. Let your voice be heard.

Of course, this device wouldn’t be truly “smart” in Amazon’s eyes if it didn’t pair up with Alexa — and it does! Pair the plug with Alexa, and you can operate anything plugged into it with the sound of your voice. Hey, your dog might not listen to you, but your lamp will.