I Write About Organizing for a Living, and These Are My Favorite Solutions from The Container Store’s Sale

updated Mar 22, 2021
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Of all the spaces in the kitchen, it’s the lower cabinets that we probably get the most questions about. Kitchn readers want to know how to make the most of those black holes, how to wrangle the under-sink area, how to best store pots and pans under their counters, etc. As the editor on the Cleaning & Organizing beat for the site, it’s my job to provide solutions to those issues (and more). And I’ve gotta say, dear reader, when I stumbled upon The Container Store’s current Kitchen & Pantry Sale, I got excited. And I got even more excited as I scrolled through. Because some of the best organizers in the entire sale have to do with organizing those lower cabinets.

These are some of my favorite finds, which I think will help readers (hey, that’s you!) the most.

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The Container Store
was $24.99

Fact: Drawers are always better than shelves, as you can pull them out to actually see what’s in the back. I love this three-drawer rack for a few reasons: It doesn’t require any sort of installation (which can sneakily be very tricky), it makes practical use out of what would otherwise be wasted vertical space, and it turns shelf space into drawers.

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The Container Store
was $29.99

No matter how big or small your kitchen happens to be, I’m a big fan of a cleaning caddy. This way, you can easily tote all your supplies around with you as you work. No more running around for this or that! I like this caddy because it also acts as an under-sink organizer and has lots of storage space for cleaning supplies and solutions.

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The Container Store
was $39.99

Want to know a secret? I love this YouCopia Expandable Cookware Rack so much, I nominated it for a second appearance on our list of Kitchn Essentials (the 2021 version comes out later this week). It’s unbelievably sturdy, customizable, and can hold all sorts of pans, cutting boards, and serving platters. If you never want to deal with an avalanche of cookware ever again, this is a must-have.

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The Container Store
was $9.99

Speaking of cookware avalanches! Pot and pan lids are probably the most awkward things to organize; they almost always come crashing down. I strongly recommend this Command hook hack, but for those who don’t want to go the DIY route, these holders from Joseph Joseph make a lot of sense. Just stick them up on the back of a cabinet door and you can slide one lid into each. You get four in a pack.

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The Container Store
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Another organizer that puts the back of cabinet doors to good use, this one was made for baking sheets, shallow pans, cutting boards, and similarly shaped things. I find that this makes it incredibly easy to grab what you need without having to unstack and re-stack the things you don’t need.

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The Container Store
was $22.99

I’ve yet to find a lazy Susan that I do not like, and this one is no exception. It’s big (18 inches in diameter!) and meant for the under-sink area. (You can put it on the other side of your pan lid holder organizer from above!) It has high sides and a rubberized liner to keep things from falling over as you spin the base. Tip: Set your tallest stuff in the middle and work your way out.

Do you have any organizers you love for your lower cabinets? Tell us about them in the comments below!