The Best Purchase I’ve Ever Made at The Container Store

updated May 1, 2019
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I’m a big believer in organization, down to the smallest things. And my best secret for keeping chaos at bay — from the kitchen to the bathroom to the linen closet — comes from a few little finds I once picked up at The Container Store.

I’m talking about the InterDesign Linus Shallow Drawer Organizers — inexpensive, interlocking clear plastic bins.

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You know how, in your silverware drawer you keep all your spoons in one compartment and all your forks and knives in others? I apply that principal to just about everything in my house. In my kitchen drawers, I keep all the measuring spoons in one plastic bin, the thermometers in another, the bag clips in a third, etc. This way I always know exactly where everything is and don’t spend time rummaging around looking for things in a cluttered mess of a drawer.

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And my system isn’t limited to my cooking tools, either. In my medicine chest, I have all the toothbrushes, dental floss, and other oral care items corralled in a bin. Another one contains my husband’s razor and blades. My linen closet has one shelf dedicated to supplies and it’s lined with the interlocking bins. One contains medicines and first-aid items, another cosmetics, and a third hair care supplies.

(Image credit: Sharon Franke)

I actually have a roll-top desk with lots of cubbies, so I don’t need the bins to keep my office supplies organized, but I sort of wish the need was there. If you have a junk drawer with clips, tape, staples, rubber bands, markers, Post-it Notes, and the like, the bins would be helpful decluttering tools.

With each organizer costing between $3 or $7, I’ve been able to tackle each of these spaces for just $20 each. In addition to keeping things orderly, the bins make it easier to do periodic cleanups. I don’t have to pull out lots of small items when I want to wipe out a drawer or shelf. And I haven’t even mentioned the great satisfaction I get from just seeing how neat all of my shelves and drawers look!

What’s the best purchase you’ve ever made at The Container Store?

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