The Container Store Is Having a Huge Kitchen & Pantry Sale and It Includes Tons of Editor Favorites

published Feb 26, 2020
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Credit: Minette Hand

Sometimes a soothing walk through The Container Store is all you need to feel as though everything is right with the world. Everything’s in its place! All the time! But then reality sets in and you realize that achieving this same level of organization at home would get really expensive, really fast. So, when The Container Store has a sale, it pays to pay attention. Right now, their Kitchen and Pantry Organization Sale has lots of editor favorites for up to 25% off. To save you some time (which you can later spend actually organizing!), here’s a list of the best items we can’t do without.

1. OXO Good Grips POP Canisters

As you probably know, we love all things OXO! This baking canister set features the classic, satisfying “pop” tops that OXO is known for, as well as two scoops and a terra-cotta brown sugar saver that can snap right on to the undersides of the lids. You can read our full, in-depth rave about them

Buy: OXO Good Grips POP Canisters, $48 (normally $60)

2. Stasher Silicone Reusable Storage Bags

Stasher’s reusable silicone bags are some of our all-time favorites in our ongoing breakup with single-use plastics. You can snag their storage-size and snack-size bags on sale right now, and both are leakproof, dishwasher-safe, and even microwaveable. 

Buy: Stasher Silicone Reusable Storage Bags, starting at $8 for snack size (normally $10)

3. JosephJoseph DrawerStore Cutlery Organizers

Kitchen organization brand Joseph Joseph has a cult following, in a good way. This cutlery organizer was, not to exaggerate, life changing for our Lifestyle Director, Lisa, who used it to organize her narrow drawers. The genius part about it is it stores all your cutlery at a slight angle, letting them overlap, which allows for a narrower design. You, too, can experience this organizational thrill for just $8!

Buy: Joseph Joseph DrawerStore Cutlery Organizers, $8 (normally $10)

4. iDesign Soda Can Organizer

This soda can organizer was the best $20 our Lifestyle Director ever spent on her fridge, and now you can get it for $16! It holds up to nine cans and has an optional shelf on top for extra storage. It’s also stackable, so two of these will let you neatly store 19 cans in a super narrow space if you have the height for it. 

Buy: iDesign Soda Can Organizer, $16 (normally $20)

5. iDesign Shallow Drawer Organizers

If you’re going to just buy one thing from this sale, make it the very best thing you can buy: These drawer organizers are inexpensive, interlocking, and can easily be reconfigured as your drawer organization needs change. In addition to taming your kitchen drawers, they also do double duty as desk or bathroom organizers. 

Buy: iDesign Shallow Drawer Organizers, starting at $3 (normally $4)

6. 4-Sort Wire Dividers

Kitchn writer Lauren has raved about these wire dividers not just once, but twice, to tell us how much she loves them. They organized her pot lids perfectly, and could also be used for organizing baking sheets, casserole dishes, or cutting boards. 

Buy: 4-Sort Wire Dividers, $4 (normally $5)

7. YouCopia Spiceliner Roll

Spices are hard, and we’ve done extensive research to find the best solutions for organizing them in almost any configuration. The spice “roll” from You Copia is one of our favorite solutions for organizing spices in drawers. The roll features a grooved foam strip that can be configured to fit almost any sized drawer and will keep your spices all lined up like ducks in a row. 

Buy: YouCopia Spiceliner Roll, $12 (normally $15)

8. OXO Silicone Drying Mat

Another OXO fave, this silicone drying mat is a real winner. As Associate Food editor Meghan writes: “This silicone drying mat is my favorite alternative to a cloth drying pad or bulky drying rack because it can be rinsed clean as needed, rolled up for quick storage, and even washed in the dishwasher. The ridges help air circulate around drying pots and pans, and the grippy surface keeps stacked pans and bowls from sliding around.”

Buy: OXO Silicone Drying Mat, $12 (normally $15)

9. iDesign Suction Kitchen Caddy

Lifestyle Director Lisa has written about this little gadget, which, simple as it may seem, helps keep your sponge clean and dry and saves a little counter space. You can find it on sale for $6, and say goodbye to slimy sponges. 

Buy: iDesign Suction Kitchen Caddy, $6 (normally $7)

10. Undershelf Baskets

We love cheap, we love simple, and we’ve written about how these undershelf baskets are both! You can basically double your cabinet space with enough of them, and they’re also a great solution for scoring some extra fridge space or organizing different types of foods.

Buy: Undershelf Baskets, $6 (normally $7)