This Is the Cheapest (Ahem, $7) Way to Give Your Kitchen Counters a Whole New Look

published Dec 3, 2023
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Kitchen marble counters/backsplash sink detail with white cabinets
Credit: Erin Derby

It’s no secret that adhesive paper can transform nearly any kitchen surface, giving it an entirely new look for a fraction of the price of a remodel. It’s especially perfect for renters looking to avoid repercussions from their landlord and DIYers alike by revamping their homes using this ingenious peel-and-stick wrapping. However, sometimes contact paper can come at a hefty price point — even if it isn’t nearly as costly as bringing in the professionals. Luckily, DIY TikToker My Taylored Life found an adhesive that altered their kitchen counter into an entirely new piece — for just under $12.

Last year, the TikToker shared their kitchen counter makeover that racked up nearly 100,000 views. They wanted to try out a gray-marble look without spending the money on a full renovation, only to dislike the final product in the end. (We think it looks amazing!). Using only contact paper, the DIYer transformed her kitchen surfaces into totally unrecognizable countertops. The paper cost only $12 at Walmart, but is currently retailing for just $7. (If you want a glossy version from Amazon, here’s another great option for only $6.)

The content creator covered the original white countertops with the paper by slowly wrapping each piece from one side of the counter to the other. “If there were any types of pieces that didn’t fit properly, I just cut smaller pieces and kind of fit them in like a puzzle,” she says in the video, mentioning that around the sink was the hardest part, due to its shape. The whole project took the DIYer under two hours.

While this kitchen hack is a quick and simple way to elevate your kitchen counters, commenters were wondering how well the look holds up — especially because the paper is so inexpensive. Just recently, 10 months after the initial video was released, the creator took to TikTok to show off the current status of their countertops. 

She pans over the surface to show a mostly intact finish, except for a small patch where a piece of the paper was pulled off by their son, a stain from a glowstick, and a couple of other small knicks from slicing food without a cutting board. “I think it’s held up great,” she says in the video. And if the damage were worse, it’d be an inexpensive fix to just buy another roll. 

While it isn’t quite as durable as real marble, the contact paper does the trick in a pinch. If marble isn’t your style, Walmart also sells the same paper in a dark oak for a more wooden farmhouse appearance, weathered wood for a sleek contemporary style, and rose granite for a softer, more muted appeal. 

If you’ve been itching to update your kitchen but don’t have it in your current budget, contact paper may just be the revamp your space needs. Your guests will never know the difference!

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