Considering: Soapstone Griddles and Pots

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We have limited experience with soapstone; we blogged these soapstone ice cubes awhile ago but we don’t know much about actually cooking in soap stone. So we’re rather interested in knowing more about these soapstone pots and griddles from Greenfeet.

These soapstone pieces are made in Brazil, and the thing that appeals to us is that, like cast iron, they can go into the oven, onto the stove, and onto the grill. They also have a beauty we don’t always find in our plain cast iron. The shop also claims that these can withstand temperatures “twice as high” as cast iron and other metal cookware.

You do have to cure these, like you season cast iron.

We’re curious – do you use soapstone cookware? If so, how do you like it?

Large Griddle, $59.95
Soapstone Bread Baker , $89.95
Large Pizza Pan, $89.95

(Images: Greenfeet)


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