Consider This! A Multi-Course Plated Thanksgiving Dinner

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Sure, it’s traditional to pass huge platters around the table in one merry food frenzy at Thanksgiving. And, yes, we’ll be busy enough just getting all the food prepared, so why throw in the extra step of multiple courses and plating food individually? We’ll give you two big reasons why we’re thinking about doing this.

The biggest benefit to pre-plating food is to save space. With a big platter of turkey, several casserole dishes, salad bowls, gravy boats, and wine bottles all in offering, the table starts to feel cluttered and crowded very quickly. We could do a buffet instead, but we really like the intimacy of all sitting down to eat at the same time.

By plating food in the kitchen and bringing plates to the table all together, we get the best of both worlds. And yes, maybe we’ll set up a buffet of the leftovers so people can serve themselves seconds!

Thanksgiving dinner also seems to go by far too quickly. We spend so much time preparing food, and then everyone is finished eating in twenty minutes. We’re thinking of serving dinner in multiple courses as a way of drawing the meal out and getting everyone to relax at the table together.

What do you think? Are we just making more work for ourselves, or could our efforts make this into an even more spectacular feast?

(Image: Faith Durand)