Consider Braising Cheap Cuts of Meat & Vegetables Too

Consider Braising Cheap Cuts of Meat & Vegetables Too

We're almost through our first full week of Meat/Un-Meat Month, feeling unified yet? Here's one cooking method we can all use: braising.

Two years ago we held a braising challenge, and it became a rather spirited contest with great prizes and amazing entries. It's all archived on the site and a wonderful source of inspiration for what to cook tonight, or tomorrow night. Meat eaters, how about braising some nice, inexpensive chuck, brisket or round beef? Vegetarians, there are practically vegetables from A to Z that you can braise.

One of my all-time favorite braised dishes is Judy Rodgers's braised Short Ribs Braised in Chimay Ale which you can find in her Zuni Cafe Cookbook, a desert island cookbook selection of mine. We recently ran a round-up of short-rib recipes, check out Emma's post Trend Watch: Braised Short Ribs.

One of my favorite new recipes for vegetarian braising was Faith's Spring Radishes Braised with Shallots and Vinegar that we ran last spring. It's almost time for radishes here in New York, so I'm keeping this one bookmarked. I also love her Leeks Braised with Wine and Garlic and Fennel Braised in Pernod. All of these would compliment a vegetarian grain dish, or for meat eaters, a nice roast chicken or grilled meat.

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(images: short ribs by Flickr member The Bitten Word licensed under Creative Commons, leeks by Faith Durand)

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