Conscientious Shopper: Do You Use Coupons?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Every week at our grocery store, we’re handed a long scroll of coupons along with our receipt. Usually they’re for foods we hardly ever buy and the coupons get tossed. But recently we’ve started paying closer attention and even saving the ones we think we might use. Have you been clipping coupons?

More than anything else, we think it’s significant that we’ve started paying attention. Before this recession, our priority was quality first with economy a close second. Now those have flipped places.

Quality (and where the food is sourced) is still very important to us, but if we can save a few dollars by buying one brand over another using a coupon, we’ll take advantage of that.

What about you?

(Image: Flickr member evansent licensed under Creative Commons)