Conscientious Cook: Support a Farmer With Us At Kiva

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Kiva is one of the most exciting ideas we’ve seen in a long time. We just loaned $25 to Emiliano Sanchez Hernandez, a farmer growing oranges, plantains, coffee and pineapples in Nicaragua. Would you like to loan alongside us to help this farmer get his pineapples to market?

Hernandez wants a $1,050 loan to purchase fertilizers and insecticides for his crops. We loaned the maximum amount that Kiva allows at one time – $25. This money goes through a local aid group that will help the farmer invest and pay back the funds.

We are very excited about the micro-loan investments that we can make, here in our wealthy country. These loans offer dignity and true business partnerships – not just charity or a handout. We like to support farmers however we can and we would like to help Hernandez get his full loan quickly.

Would you like to loan $25 too?