Conscientious Cook: Three Stone Hearth Community Supported Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The Bay Area has long had a plethora of Community Supported Farms and now we’ve got a Community Supported Kitchen. Three-Stone Hearth is a new worker owned co-op in Berkeley that sells weekly or bi-monthly “shares” of nutrient dense foods based on mineral rich broths from pastured animals, lacto-fermented vegetables and beverages, cultured raw dairy products and sprouted grains.

The foods are sourced locally whenever possible and prepared according to Weston A Price Foundation principles. If you’ve never heard of the Weston A Price Foundation, there’s some fascinating reading here.

The founders of Three Stone Hearth believe that preparing and sharing food is an important human activity and an essential part of any community. The stated mission of Three Stone Hearth is “to heal our community, our planet, and ourselves by building a sustainable model for community-scale food preparation and processing that honors culinary traditions and provides nutrient-dense foods for local households and beyond.”

Three Stone Hearth follows sound ecological principals in its operations including composting waste, reusing containers, sourcing locally from ecologically minded suppliers and scheduling their deliveries so as to minimize the use of fossil fuels. They waste nothing, not even chicken bones, which are simmered until soft and ground up into dog food.

Three Stone Hearth encourages members to get involved as volunteers, and hosts monthly community Full Moon Feasts where guests can try the traditional, nutrient dense foods that the kitchen offers in a convivial atmosphere.

The kitchen has an online ordering system that allows members to customize their orders. A prepayment is required to place an order except for first-time customers who pick up at the kitchen. A selection of products is available “a la carte”. Minimum orders are $40. Deliveries can be arranged through Planet Organics for a fee. Orders can also be picked up at the kitchen or delivered to one of the Bay Area’s “delivery clusters”.
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