Conscientious Cook: Stay In For Good

This is the first in a regular series on The Kitchen called “Conscientious Cook.” Not simply a listing of where to dump your old cans of candied yams, this feature will report on opportunities for contributing to the community through all things food, and is meant to inspire readers to use their love of their kitchen to help others.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Stay In For Good is a New York-based movement that encourages us to stay in for one night every other month and donate the money that we’d normally spend on Martinis at the Temple Bar, or tickets to Rent to a charitable organization.

Their mission is to promote charitable giving among all people. It’s a double good deed: at the same time you become a philanthropist, you will be spending more quality time “in” together with family and friends. And in our book, that means you’re probably cooking more. You’re our hero.