Conscientious Cook: Northern California Teen Chefs Support Families in Need

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Last week, my sister brought me an article she’d clipped out of her local paper in Forestville, CA.

It’s about an organization called Kitchen Cosmology in Sebastopol, California. They’re doing a wonderful thing–a pairing teenaged culinary arts students with local families facing serious health problems, like cancer.

Once a week, the students get together in a local church kitchen to cook meals for the family they’ve been paired with. The meals are of nourishing and healthy whole foods made whenever possible with local and organic ingredients. The families receive invaluable nutrition and the kids develop a deeper relationship with food, especially as it relates to community and health.

This program is still in its infancy so now is your chance to get in on the ground floor. They’re looking for donations of kitchen equipment like pots, sauté pans, mixing bowls, baking dishes, a blender, a hand-mixer and a food processor.

You could also give financial support. The founder would like to start serving more families. The goal is to receive $12,000 the first year, which will serve 10 families each week. Or put another way, $100 each from 120 people for a year of meals for 10 families. What a great way to show your holiday spirit. Email or call 707-799-7489. Are there any similar programs around the country? Let us know about them.