Conscientious Cook: Help Hungry San Franciscans

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Just as many of us are thinking about our Thanksgiving menus, making lists and looking for recipes on the Internet, others are thinking about the same thing they do every day: How will they feed themselves and their loved ones?

During the holidays, people are more apt to donate dollars and time to charity, but it is also a time when organizations like the San Francisco Food Bank see an increase in need.

The numbers are staggering. This holiday season, 150,000 people in San Francisco—1 out of every 5 adults and 1 in 4 children—will face the threat of hunger. For an eye-opening exercise, take the Food Bank’s Hunger 101 Crash Course and then click through to see how you can help.

This year, The San Francisco Food Bank will provide 1,500 turkeys to agencies serving hot meals during the holidays. Through their 152 citywide pantry sites they will operate a farmers market style distribution system to provide fresh food to over 14,000 low-income households, enabling them to prepare their own home-cooked holiday meals. The distribution will include enough food for 42,000 holiday meals.

You can help bring hope to the table this year for thousands of families, children, seniors and others struggling to share their holiday traditions. There are many ways to do so:

Donate money or food.

Volunteer your time at the warehouse. The hours are flexible and casual one-time individual or group volunteers are welcome.

• Host a food drive.

• Volunteer to help out at one of these special holiday events.