Connecting the Dots: Food.Farmer.Earth Online Video Channel

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

One of the things we love about Food.Farmer.Earth, the YouTube video channel, is how succinctly but beautifully it connects viewers with the wisdom of people who grow, raise, and prepare food. “Sustainable agriculture” can be a rather daunting subject, but Food.Farmer.Earth brings food issues home with cooking tips, first-hand stories, and well-curated content.

Created by Cooking Up a Story, Food.Farmer.Earth consists of three weekly segments:

Each week on FFE, (Tuesday) we begin in the Kitchen to learn how to prepare a fresh, seasonal dish from a professional chef, or serious home cook enthusiast. Not just the cooking of food, we will also explore the craft behind food making, for example, the art of food preservation from food preservation experts.

Wednesday, to the Field explores where our food is grown, raised, or distributed. We learn about the farmer, the artisan, the person responsible for a food demonstrated in the prior “in the Kitchen” segment, and their personal stories.

On Thursday, Food Wisdoms delves into some of the related food issues of the week, sometimes thorny issues, sometimes just useful information to know, from people whose lives center around the producing and selling of food.

Previous weeks have centered on topics like cherries, raw milk, and wasabi. Viewers might learn how to butcher a pig, how to cook with leftovers, and activities to do in the kitchen with kids. Whether you subscribe to the channel’s new videos each week or just tune in from time to time, you’re bound to be inspired.

Watch it: Food.Farmer.Earth on YouTube

(Image: Food.Farmer.Earth)