Concrete With Soul: Richard Holschuh’s Countertops

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’re smitten with these concrete countertops from Richard Holschuh, an artist and artisan from Vermont. His company creates custom concrete countertops for kitchens, baths, and other areas, and some of them blow away our usual ideas of what a concrete surface can look like.

We discovered Holschuh and his company, Concrete Detail, via an interview at kitchen designer Paul Anater’s weblog. In the interview Holschuh talks about his philosophy of design:

Concrete countertops are, at least in our interpretation, highly functional aesthetic furnishings – we call it Artformed TM. Not rarefied, subjective collector’s items, but hard-working and deeply satisfying necessities. Every home needs a countertop and everyone wants to make their home their own; the medium of concrete allows personal expression without design constraint, all the while meeting the demands of everyday life with durability, versatility, and sustainability (at a very competitive cost). Today’s high performance concrete has very little to do with a cracked sidewalk and everything to do with lasting design in the hands of a master artisan. We utilize these capabilities to invest the concrete with soul: captured within the finished pieces are the craftsman, the dweller, and their environment. When the completed elements are delivered and brought into their intended places, they belong – because they were consciously made for that person and place alone. This is the essence of appropriate design.

Wow! Concrete with soul — that’s a tall order. But we really love some of these designs; the flowing, stylized trees worked into that drainboard are really beautiful. The shiny black surface of the sink pictured above is really striking, too; we didn’t know that concrete could look like that! (And we love that little egg bowl worked into one of the countertops!)

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Visit Richard Holschuh’s website: Concrete Detail

(Images: Concrete Detail)