Valentine's Day

The Indulgent Chocolate Gift That’s Too Pretty to Eat (Almost)

published Feb 10, 2023
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Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman; Food Styling: CC Buckley

Valentine’s Day and chocolate go together like, well, strawberries and Champagne. But gifting your loved one a box of chocolates doesn’t have to be cliché. 

Los Angeles-based chocolate company Compartés does upgraded classics so well. Compartés has been making the sweet stuff since 1950 and knows what it’s doing; this isn’t your usual box of chocolates. Instead, the bites are made by hand every day by a small team of chocolatiers and chocolate artists in their Southern California chocolate kitchen. Pairing premium ingredients and gorgeous design, their gifts are the ultimate for your loved ones of discerning taste. 

And speaking of taste, I tested out a variety of Compartés chocolate in the name of journalism — here’s what I tried and how I liked them.

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The Valentine’s Day collection is the ultimate assortment of decadent flavors, lavish design, and accessible luxury to delight your Valentine. I tried the 9-Piece Chocolate Heart Box and was tickled pink with the minimalist design outside and inside the box. Biting into each bonbon starts by snapping through the dark chocolate shell to reveal a creamy strawberry or raspberry center.

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One of the things Compartés does especially well is make chocolate bars in a huge array of playful flavor combinations. Compartés has a stunning 66 different flavors of chocolate bars, from fruity to salty to spicy and beyond. Each bar is packaged in an eye-popping graphic wrapper. Purchase a couple of one-off flavors, or opt for a gift set with an assortment of flavors.

I wanted to try both a white and a dark chocolate variety to compare. The California Berries bar is totally gorgeous. The 73% cacao bar is studded with an assortment of freeze-dried blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries. I’ve never seen anything like it! The crisp chocolate and berries transform as it melts in your mouth, with the berries highlighting the flavors of the chocolate.

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The Strawberry Cheesecake bar was a total surprise for me. White chocolate typically isn’t my favorite, but this bar had a deeper depth of flavor than any other I have tried. The milky sweetness is complemented by the tart strawberry cheesecake, with sandy graham crumbs providing buttery sweet flavor and a surprise of texture.

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Compartés Valentine’s Day collection also features an absolutely stunning box of chocolate-dipped dried fruit nestled in a box decorated with swans, peacocks, pomegranates, and florals.

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Speaking of maximalism, definitely check out the Crystal Gourmet Chocolate Heart. The dark chocolate heart is hand-studded with thousands of multi-colored edible sugar crystals. Truly over-the-top in the best way possible.

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Looking for something more traditional? Try a box of the assorted chocolates or dark chocolate peanut butter cups. The box of sea salt turtles also caught my eye. When I was growing up, they were my mom’s favorite and what my father always chose to gift this time of year. The sea salt and a combination of both dark and milk chocolate are a modern update on the classic treat — exactly what you’d expect from a company that’s been perfecting their craft for nearly 75 years.