Why the “Never Empty-Handed” Method Is the Secret to a Cleaner Home, According to a Pro

published Apr 15, 2024
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Whether you know someone with an always-clean home in real life or online, you might be wondering, “What’s their secret?” Turns out, the key to their consistently clean home is simple habits that they practice regularly — and many people share the same ones!

Professional housekeeper Cindy Hendler Tigue (@cleansnob) revealed in a recent Instagram Reel that she noticed that people with tidy homes share the same four cleaning habits that you can easily adopt into your own cleaning routine

Here are the things they all have in common.

They don’t wear shoes in the house.

Wearing shoes in the house is a widely debated topic — some people wear shoes in the house or switch to house shoes while others enforce a no-shoe policy in their homes. (It can be a preference or cultural thing!) But, not wearing shoes in the house is a common habit that people with always-clean homes share, according to Hendler Tigue. “It does make such a big difference,” she says in the caption of her video, adding that there’s less dirt and dust involved.

They clean as they go.

People who adopt a “clean as you go” strategy know that this really works and helps you to keep a perpetually clean home. “They wipe as they go, they do dishes as they use them, and after dinner, their kitchen is clean,” shares Hendler Tigue in the video.

They never leave a room empty-handed.

Whenever they find themselves about to exit a room, they never leave it empty-handed. They’ll make sure to grab something that doesn’t belong there or trash that needs to be thrown away. It’s these small actions that’ll lead to a bigger impact on the overall cleanliness of your home. For instance, returning your coffee mug from your desk to the kitchen immediately upon leaving the room will keep your workspace clean instead of having an eventual beverage pileup take over.

They multitask.

To get things done, they multitask. For instance, they fold laundry while spending time with family, and when they are done with their task, they’ll put it away. Talk about spending your time wisely! 

Do you do these things? What other cleaning habits do you follow? Tell us in the comments.

This post originally appeared on Apartment Therapy. See it there: 4 Things People with Clean Homes All Have in Common