This $17 Gadget Instantly Doubled My Cabinet Space (Use It Anywhere!)

published Dec 30, 2023
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This may be a hot take, but I don’t think having a small kitchen is that big of a problem. As a Brooklyn resident, it might just be because it’s all I know, or because as the Cleaning and Organizing Editor here at The Kitchn, I have the inside scoop on the best tips, tricks, and products for making the most out of limited space. And, of course, I get to try some pretty amazing products that solve my tiny-space conundrums. 

With only two cabinets, zero drawers, and way more stuff than any one woman should have, I didn’t really have a place to put my cleaning supplies, so naturally, it gathered on my bathroom floor and in my above-toilet organizer. It wasn’t the worst solution, but obviously, I wanted something a little more put-together — and also, to be able to see my floor. That’s when the Command Large Organizing Caddy came into my life.

Although I didn’t have any floor space under my kitchen sink, I did have a gap above my recycling bin that was the perfect size for the organizing caddy. To mount it, all I had to do was peel the backing off of the Command strips that came with the organizer, press it against the inside of my cabinet door, and wait for about an hour before storing things in it to ensure a tight seal.

Credit: Quinn Fish

At about 10 inches by 5 inches by 3.5 inches, the sleek white caddy holds up to 10 pounds, making it perfect for cleaning supplies, cooking oils and spices, or even your collection of cooking utensils. Another reviewer at The Kitchn said she “found the caddies were *just* wide and deep enough to be useful without impeding my ability to fully close the cabinet door or store other tall cleaners beneath the sink.”

Outside of the kitchen, it has plenty of other storage uses — whether it be in your laundry room, closet, bathroom, kids’ rooms, or garage. According to Command, it’s even safe to use outside. Simply stick an organizer on any wall or cabinet and it creates instant storage space out of thin air. 

Credit: Quinn Fish

The large caddy is also available in clear, which may better match your style or decor. And, if you’re familiar with Command strips, you know how convenient they are for renters like me, as they leave no residue after you peel them off and don’t lead to damaging the walls. Of course, for non-renters, it’s also nice to not have to drill any new holes. 

Because I opted for a set of two, I also put one on the outside of my kitchen cabinet next to my sink where I can store rags, cleaning sprays, sponges, and anything else I need to grab at ease. With my limited counter space, it’s basically like having an extra set of hands in the kitchen — and it’s nice that it isn’t an eyesore.

Credit: Quinn Fish

The best part about the Command caddy? If you decide to move it or want to reuse it elsewhere, all you need are a few more large Command strips. Time to turn an otherwise wasted space into instant storage!

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