Coming Soon: A Theme Park for Foodies

(Image credit: FICO Eataly World)

Eataly, a chain of massive Italian food meccas, is granting a wish I didn’t even know I had: They’re building a theme park. Yes, a theme park with a focus on Italian food. What a time to be alive!

Eataly World, which is being built in Italy, plans to open mid-2017. The park will cover 20 acres of land and host an impressive array of farm-to-fork experiences. Although specific details are currently limited, the park’s CEO explained to Eater that Eataly World will be a center for both entertainment and education. Between meals at each of the 25 on-site restaurants, you’ll be able to “see all the steps of the chain, from the animals and raw materials to workshops and restaurants,” which — although vague — sounds absurdly cool. An earlier report said there would even be an on-site aquarium. How neat is that?

What do you think: Is Disney still the only park for you, or are you ready to trade in your Mickey ears for dinner plates? I think I know my answer!