Come, Walk the Island this Weekend: Sunday, November 12

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
This will be the third year that we walk the island, that is, walk the length of Manhattan, never stepping off Broadway. It makes us feel very New Yorky, with the fall foliage crunching beneath our sneakers.

We start on Sunday at the tippy top (the Broadway Bridge) at 220th Street at 8:45am, just a few blocks up from the 215th stop of the 1 subway line. If you want to meet downtown, we start at 8am at Christopher street 1 station and ride up with our coffee. We’re usually done by 5ish, with sunset views of the Statue of Liberty at South Ferry.

It’s not exactly a culinary event, but we usually make it to Zabar’s by lunchtime; is that enough to woo you Kitchen readers? If not, perhaps pounding the pavement on a crisp fall day with fellow AT readers will lure you in.

Here are the full details. Join us! Get out of your apartment! Put your computer to sleep!