20 Stunning Colorful Kitchens That’ll Make You Want to Go Bold

published May 22, 2024
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Reddish pink tile backsplash with green cabinets in newly renovated kitchen
Credit: Ella Moore

To have a kitchen you love is to have a space where happiness grows — no matter your style. It’s a place where memories are made with loved ones, your body (and soul!) are nourished, and it’s a bonus if the space reflects those good vibrations, too. If you’re looking for some colorful kitchen ideas, read on.

Whether you opt to paint your cabinets a bright color, throw a fun wallpaper or backsplash up, or choose colorful flooring, there are so many ways to inject color into your kitchen. If you feel like your space needs a bit of a whimsical makeover, you’ll want to see how these 20 kitchens were decorated and designed with lots of cheer.

Credit: Kara Harms

1. Pink Paint and Floral Wallpaper Are a Perfect Match

The kitchen in photographer and artist Kara Harms’ 1970s cabin bursts with color to perfectly complement the rest of the space — the living room is covered in floor-to-ceiling green, and the bathroom has ABBA-inspired wallpaper. The kitchen, which was largely DIY renovated, has floral wallpaper, pink walls (including the doors!), and bright blue appliances. 

Credit: Ella Moore

2. Greenery Is Great

When interior designer turned plant stylist Ella Moore moved into her 139-year-old South Manchester home, the kitchen was dated. So she renovated it to bring color and texture into the space. The pink tiled backsplash perfectly complements the green and black cabinetry. Plus, hanging plants add dots of vibrancy to the room!

3. Go Bold With Eggplant Cabinets

The original kitchen in content creator René Daniella’s home was already colorful with soft green cabinetry. However, she found a way to infuse even more vibrancy into the space by painting the cabinets in an eggplant shade and lime washing the walls in lavender. 

Credit: Viv Yapp

4. Blue Cabinets and Tiles Are Eye Candy

When content creator Ananya moved into her 1850s London townhouse, the kitchen already had a modern makeover, but she wanted to add more warmth and personality by making the space look like something you’d find in the English countryside. So she painted the cabinets a pastel blue, instantly adding life to the room. 

Credit: Lauren Kolyn

5.  Bright Yellow Cabinets Drench a Space in Warmth

It’s hard to believe that the kitchen in vintage store owner Marina Porter’s Canada bungalow was once “dated with old fixtures, counters, cabinets, tiles, and hardware.” After a bright makeover, it shines like no other. Not only are the cabinets an eclectic yellow, but the backsplash is pink and floral!

6. Bright Blue Is Bold

When interior stylist Hilary Crawford moved into a colorful home in Ireland, the kitchen lacked the pop she needed. “The dark wood cabinets were sucking away any light that was in the room, making it feel rather gloomy,” she said. But, a stunning makeover, including bright blue cabinet paint and pink walls, instantly fixed that problem. 

7. Color Combos from Another Era Bring a Fresh Perspective

The kitchen in designer Estelle Bilson’s 1970s-inspired home was originally quite modern but lacked personality. Because the rest of her home delightfully looks like it’s from a different era, it’s only natural that the kitchen makeover matches that same aesthetic. Bright yellow cabinets perfectly complement the multicolored, funky, swirly contact paper on the countertops. 

8. Pops of Instant Color (But Make It Renter-Friendly!)

It’s possible to drench a room in color without ever actually pulling out a paintbrush. Just consider the kitchen in blogger Ashley’s 480-square-foot rental apartment, for instance. “My goal was to inject color into the space without having to cover the brown marble countertops or beige cabinets,” she shared about her kitchen makeover. Using citrus-covered wallpaper and painting removable beadboard with a jewel tone, the kitchen instantly became warmer (and happier!). 

Credit: Tina Krohn

9. A Disco Ball Shines on Bright Cabinets

Nate Klass wasn’t necessarily bothered by the original kitchen in his Washington, D.C. townhouse, but it wasn’t his favorite space either. “The kitchen before was very early 2000s — dark wood IKEA cabinets, pink marble floor, and white subway tile backsplash,” Klass said. “It was never bad — it just wasn’t that interesting.” So he reimagined the kitchen by painting the cabinets (and the dishwasher!) an electric purple and hanging a disco ball from the ceiling. 

Credit: Alisa Chavez

10. Barbie’s Dream Kitchen

Content creator and DIY aficionado Alisa Chavez isn’t afraid of a project — especially when making rooms brighter and more inviting. She lives in the home that her grandmother originally bought, and while it’s a sentimental space, the kitchen was quite dated. She pulled inspiration from Barbie’s Dreamhouse and Scandinavian design and started on her kitchen makeover. The result? A bright pink kitchen with colorful peel-and-stick wallpaper that peeks out from behind the glass cabinets. 

Credit: Fitore Syla

11. Yellow, Yellow, and More Yellow!

Two-toned rooms are striking — especially when using a bright color like yellow. The kitchen in designer Fitore Syla’s contemporary Kosovo apartment was originally a blank slate. But after a thoughtful design process, the room nearly explodes with color. Yellow cabinets play off the darker yellow backsplash, and pops of color are seen in the light fixtures and funky hardware

12. Green, Pink, and… Mustard?

If combining mustard, pink, and green sounds like the ideal combo for a colorful room to you, you’re going to love this. Freelance photographer Natalie Jeffcott took her original navy blue kitchen and flipped it on its head using the three fun colors — they work perfectly together to create a whimsical, airy space perfect for displaying her vintage memorabilia. 

13. White Cabinets Can Still Add Intrigue

Just because the cabinets are white doesn’t mean it has to be a bland space — just take the kitchen in artist and designer Elizabeth Olwen’s home in Lisbon, Portugal. The cabinets are white, but colorful pops of blues, yellows, and red adorn the rest. “My open concept living room/kitchen/dining area is such a free open space where I can dance around, and it’s where I host friends, so it’s got lots of great memories, and it’s full of color,” Olwen said. 

Credit: Emy Stenudd

14. Soft Shades Add Light

When Emy Stenudd moved into her home in Sweden, she initially played it safe with the cabinet colors. “At first, I thought that the best thing was to just keep the kitchen as neutral as possible so I wouldn’t regret my choices — but that was the worst thing I did! I regretted it from the second it was done,” Steunudd said of the cabinet color. So she quickly painted over them with bold reds, oranges, and blues. 

15. Black Cabinets Can Be Colorful, Too

The kitchen in Sasha Faiz’s modern-meets-vintage home proves that color doesn’t have to come from the cabinetry. Instead, she DIY-installed gorgeous, striking green tiles that contrast and complement the black cabinets and black-and-white tile flooring. 

16. Peach Perfection

It’s not just the soft orange cabinets or eggshell blue appliances that make a statement in the kitchen in vintage brand owner Jonny Carmac’s Barbie Dreamhouse-inspired home. There are also several gorgeous, animal-shaped tables that dot his home — and the dreamiest one might be in the kitchen

Credit: Erin Derby

17. Bold Blue Cabinets Add Depth

When Beach and Michael Silver moved into their apartment in Brooklyn’s Park Slope neighborhood, they were so excited about the space — and the chance to make it their own. The original kitchen looked “fine,” but it lacked personality and pizazz. So adding Benjamin Moore’s striking “Blue Danube” to the cabinetry was an essential step in their stunning kitchen makeover

Credit: Erin Derby

18. Get Creative with Cabinetry

Texture, combined with color, can really help a space stand out. That’s exactly what designer Kim White did in her 600-square-foot Brooklyn apartment’s kitchen. She created her own peel-and-stick wallpaper in a striking black-and-white marble pattern and applied it to the cabinets to refresh the space

19. Pastels Add a Sense of Calm

Photographer Jilly Noble didn’t want to do a full renovation on her kitchen, but wanted to infuse “retro 1950s kitchen styles, full of pastels, and kitsch decor,” into the room. So she took on a DIY makeover, which included painting the cabinets a soft pink, adding pastel-colored tiles, and adorning the walls in green. 

Credit: Kaarin Joy

20. Electric Green Cabinets and Eclectic Artwork Pop

If you’re familiar with artist and content creator Kaarin Joy — known for making funky home decor like a handmade crayon chandelier — then it’ll come as no surprise that the bland kitchen in her Texas builder-grade home needed a colorful update. She painted over the cabinets with a bright lime green, painted the microwave blue, added black-and-white peel-and-stick floor tiles, and hung cereal bowl art on the walls.