Color Splash: Decorating with Bunting

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We had always thought of bunting as a festive, but temporary, way to decorate for parties and special occasions. But then we came across an image of a garland incorporated into kitchen decor and loved the way it added a splash of color to the space. What do you think?

Bunting may not be for everyone, but we think it works quite well in these kitchens and dining areas:

1 Shown in LivingEtc, these banners are hung a bit low for everyday use, but they’re so striking in an otherwise white space. We’d hate to take them down after the party!

2 Flickr member syko uses bunting as a colorful and inviting touch in the kitchen entryway.

3 We like how the light blue bunting contrasts with the deep pink and provides a visual anchor on such an eclectic wall in India Knight’s kitchen (featured in LivingEtc).

4 From All About You, here’s another example of bunting adding color and interest to a neutral kitchen.

5 In lovelydesign‘s dining area, a simple but eye-catching line of bunting dresses up a curtain-less window.

6 Pink Paper Peppermints shows off her crafting skills with this “spring banner.” We think bunting could be a fun way to play with color and pattern for an inexpensive seasonal decor change.

7 If hanging bunting overhead seems like too much, try hanging it on the wall like Jasna Janekovic. This could be a great idea for rental kitchens where painting is not allowed.

Want to make your own bunting? Martha Stewart and Joyful Abode have instructions for paper and cloth. We’ve also seen pretty handmade bunting sold on Etsy.

(Images: LivingEtc, Flickr member syko used with permission, LivingEtc, All About You, lovelydesign, Pink Paper Peppermints, Jasna Janekovic)