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Easy Recipe: Cilantro-Mint Chutney
My untraditional use of chutney may have been influenced by the fact that it came to me in a very international way: from an Israeli woman whom I met at a Thai Buddhist temple in San Diego. She got it from a German woman who got the recipe while in India.
Nov 9, 2009
Recipe: Baked Persimmons
We have been experimenting with persimmon recipes after bringing home a bagful of Fuyus from the Joshua Tree farmers’ market last weekend, and we’re ready to declare these baked persimmons our favorite of the bunch.The honey-infused baking method is based on something we found at Persimmons Australia online. But instead of the the vanilla bean in their recipe (which also sounds delicious!
Nov 6, 2009
Autumn Recipe: Mélange of Squash Braised in Cream
We usually roast our butternut, acorn, and delicata squash. We like the flavor of winter squash roasted slowly in the oven. The only problem is that word: slow. It takes a while to roast a whole squash or two, so lately we’ve been turning to a familiar technique, used in a new way for squash. Braising.Braised or simmered squash is much quicker than roasting: it cooks in just a few minutes, and you’re left with the benefit of all that creamy sauce, too.
Oct 19, 2009
Harvest Recipe: Slow Roasted Tomatoes with Pomegranate Molasses and Basil
We’re still getting fresh local tomatoes in in the Bay Area and will continue to do so into October. Such glorious abundance! So far this season, I have canned whole San Marzano’s, tomato jam and am about to make and can up some ketchup. Still, I have a large bowl of dry-farmed Early Girls sitting on my counter, perfect for slow roasting.This recipe works pretty well with out-of-season supermarket tomatoes, too.
Oct 5, 2009
Summer Recipe: Cappuccino of Tomatoes & Mozzarella
Have you ever had a cappuccino — of tomatoes? Here’s a recipe that upends the traditional idea of a cappuccino and replaces it with tangy tomatoes and a froth of whipped mozzarella and cream.This recipe was developed as a pairing for Chablis. This wine, made with Chardonnay grapes, is one of our favorite types of wine to drink in the summer. Here are a few good tips on Chablis and Chardonnay; any one of them would go very well with this recipe.
Aug 21, 2009
Seasonal Recipe: Jamie Oliver’s Tomato Consommé
My kitchen is overflowing with tomatoes, a ‘problem’ I truly love and appreciate! I’m making plans for tomato chutney and tomato jam and homemade ketchup. Canning projects are being penciled in and mason jars are collecting on my countertop. While BLTscaprese saladsI took this to a party last night–a ‘salad party’ where the host had instructed the guests to bring salads.
Aug 17, 2009
Recipe: Vegetarian Naengmyun (Korean Cold Noodles)
During the boiling days of summer, conversations among my Korean friends inevitably turn toward cravings for mul naengmyun, a dish of buckwheat noodles and cold, tangy broth topped with crisp cucumber, pear, and even a few ice cubes for extra chill factor.Although it originated as a North Korean wintertime dish, icy mul naengmyun has become a favorite hot weather meal. Unfortunately for vegetarians like myself, the broth is traditionally made with beef.
Aug 14, 2009
Street Food Recipe: Elote (Roasted Sweet Corn with Cheese)
Sweet corn is the perfect thing to eat right now – seasonal, fresh and perfect with almost nothing added to it. But just in case you’re ready for something new, let’s load it up with lots of rich and delicious toppings. What do you say? You may be familiar with elote, a Mexican sweet corn treat.
Aug 11, 2009
An Easy Hot-Weather Soup Recipe: Finnish Summer Soup (Kesäkeitto)
Many years ago my aunt gave me the Sunset Complete Vegetarian Cookbook, which contained a recipe for Finnish Summer Soup. It was an easy-to-make concoction that contained potatoes, onions, carrots, and green beans swimming in a creamy broth. Later on I learned this was known in Finland as kesäkeitto (don’t ask me how you pronounce that) and the Finns use more vegetables than the humble Sunset recipe did.
Aug 7, 2009
Recipe: Che Dau Xanh (Vietnamese Dessert Soup With Mung Beans)
Earlier this week, a reader inquired about more uses for mung beans. Like several of you, my thoughts turned to Asian-style sweet mung bean soup.In Vietnam, sweet soups or puddings are known as chè. They may be served hot or cold in bowls, glasses, or over ice, and contain ingredients ranging from various kinds of beans to tapioca, glutinous rice, jellies, lotus seeds, and fruit. As a child, the scent of chè simmering on my family’s stove always had me jumping in excitement.
Jul 2, 2009
Recipe: Strawberry-Arugula Salad with Ricotta Topping
A couple weeks ago several of the writers and editors of The Kitchn gathered in New York for a late spring brunch. It is always wonderful to be face-to-face with the fellow writers that we usually only “see” virtually! And of course food had to be included, right?Here is part of my own contribution: a quick twist on a strawberry salad, with arugula mixed in for a spicy, savory touch, and a creamy dressing of fresh ricotta and lemon. But there’s more: see photos of Nora S.
Jun 1, 2009
Quick Appetizer: Radish, Boursin, and Chive Tartines
Can you tell that we’re wild about radishes right now? They’re such a refreshing vegetable in the springtime, with their pleasant crunch and gorgeous color, creamy inside and scarlet outside. We threw together this very, very quick appetizer last weekend for some guests. We were subliminally inspired by Elizabeth’s afternoon snack suggestion, and these simple little tartines were a big hit.
May 26, 2009
Recipe: Quick Pasta with Dried Morels and Fresh Ramps
Spring is progressing, and the season for early spring foraged treats like morels and ramps will be over soon. So eat them while you can still find them! This pasta takes these two spring delicacies and puts them together in one simple, quick pasta.And if these two good things are out of season already, or hard to find, then try dried mushrooms and leeks or scallions instead. In fact, I had to use dried morels myself.
Apr 29, 2009
Recipe: Sour Cream Cucumber Salad with Mustard Seeds
My Easter meal this past weekend was a fusion menu between my own cultural heritage of Eastern European food (fried rolls, rich sweet bread) and Indian cuisine (tandoori-spiced leg of lamb, sunny yellow pressed rice). This cucumber salad bridges the cultural divide between Eastern Europe and India: both cultures have creamy, cooling salads with dairy and cucumbers. Here’s my easy fusion version.
Apr 14, 2009
D.I.Y. Recipe: Vegetarian Furikake Rice Seasoning
Furikake is a Japanese condiment typically sprinkled over or mixed into rice. There are dozens of varieties on the market – most contain seaweed, sesame seeds, sugar, and salt. Other ingredients may include MSG and dried fish, shrimp, roe, egg, and vegetables. Although I love looking at the rows of colorful furikake jars at the Japanese grocery store, I recently decided to conserve money and packaging by making my own.
Apr 3, 2009
Recipe Review: Chinese Broccoli and Five-Spice Sauce
When I brought home a bunch of Chinese broccoli from the farmers’ market, I figured I’d prepare it the same way I always do: blanching followed by a quick stir-fry with soy sauce and garlic or ginger (my dad always added imitation oyster sauce). But then I started poking around the Kitchn archives and decided to try this Cookie Magazine recipe Faith linked to last summer.This recipe starts out similar to my usual method.
Mar 27, 2009
Recipe: Tofu Steak with Miso and Ginger
“Tofu steak” is one of those Japanese restaurant menu items I’m overly familiar with. As a vegetarian, the sizzling skillet of tofu is often one of the few dishes I can order (as long as it isn’t topped with bonito, or dried fish flakes). I’ve found most tofu steaks to be uninspiring, but then a a ginger-laden version at one restaurant changed my opinion. It turned tofu steak from a dish I was relegated to eating to something I started craving at home.
Mar 20, 2009
Recipe: Yogurt Barley Soup
A recent meal at an Armenian restaurant inspired this recipe for yogurt barley soup. Creamy without being heavy, the zesty yogurt provides a nice balance to nutty and chewy barley. When the barley is cooked ahead of time, the soup is a snap to put together, and it can be served hot or cold. This one is definitely going into our comfort food repertoire.
Feb 20, 2009
The Perfection of Simplicity: Potato Leek Soup
Two ingredients. That’s it. Well, if you want to be a stickler and count salt and pepper and a touch of olive oil, it’s five. OK, and water makes six. But the oil method is optional, so we’re back to five again but really, it’s two ingredients. Potatoes and leeks. Two of the most humble ingredients, plus the simple alchemy of simmering water, come together to make one utterly blissful, satisfying soup. Read on for the recipe.You can do anything to this soup.
Feb 18, 2009
Recipe: Sweet Potatoes and Caramelized Onions
We tore through these sweet potatoes before we had the chance to take much of a picture, so we’ll have to describe them instead.These are the easiest things. So much flavor for so little work. We caramelized onions slowly in butter and olive oil (hands off, really – they cook themselves) then browned sweet potatoes and garlic. We let them steam until soft, then added some ginger and paprika for flavor.
Nov 14, 2008
Recipe: Pumpkin Tortilla Soup
Tortilla soup is something we enjoy any timeOne might not expect a meatless tortilla soup to be very hearty, yet this is actually quite satisfying without animal, or even soy, protein. Pumpkin puree (made from scratch or canned) and cubes of avocado add creamy richness and balance the soup’s tomatoes and spice. Tortillas appear not only as crispy garnish but they are also cooked into the soup, infusing it with texture and flavor.
Oct 31, 2008
Eat This: Baked Acorn Squash Rings
We have a trustworthy method for making sweet and spicy acorn squash, but there’s one downside: it’s slow. So we perked up when we saw this alternate method from Alicia and Summer at Bread & Honey.They used a Martha Stewart recipe – such a simple formula, really – and sliced the acorn squash before baking. They dotted each slice with butter, brown sugar, salt and pepper, and then put them in the oven.
Oct 21, 2008
Dinner for One: Sesame-Garlic Soba Noodles with Fried Egg
This is definitely one of those dishes that evolved from being home alone on a weeknight and having nothing in the fridge. Success! Who knew a handful of leftover soba noodles, the last egg in the carton, and a few condiments could make such a delicious and satisfying meal?!The best part about this meal is the fried egg, in our humble opinion. The runny yolk mixes into the sesame-coated soba noodles like a creamy sauce, adding richness and substance to the dish.
Oct 16, 2008
Recipe: Asian Pear, Fresh Date, and Pomegranate Salad
Just as we were starting to lament the dwindling abundance of summer stone fruits at the farmers’ market, in marched a whole new array of fruits to inspire us. Asian pearsfresh dates Each fruit delights the tongue: a crisp juicy pear, crunchy young dates with hints of honey, and pomegranate seeds that burst in the mouth, sweet at first and then tart. A dressing of pomegranate juice, honey, ginger, and cinnamon ties them together.
Sep 26, 2008
Recipe: Crispy Sage
While attending an olive oil workshop last week, we were inspired by some of the other participants’ tales of beloved olive oil-infused meals. One woman’s description of Italian fried sage leaves intrigued us so much that we couldn’t wait to return home and try making them for ourselves.
Sep 5, 2008
Recipe: Red Ogo Seaweed Salad
One of the newer vendors at the Hollywood and Santa Monica farmers’ markets is Carlsbad Aquafarm. Hailing from the Agua Hedionda Lagoon outside San Diego, the family-run business provides farm-raised, sustainably-harvested oysters, mussels, clams, and abalone. (The business was interviewed on Good Food earlier this year.) Being a vegetarian, I must admit I had been passing the stand by, until I discovered that they also carry fresh seaweed.
Aug 6, 2008
Ancient Egyptian Recipe: Ful Medammes
Recently we bought a package of dried fava beans and made this delicious recipe that goes back thousands of years in Egypt.Ful medammes is a dish made of fava beans marinated in lemon juice, garlic, and olive oil. The dish is a popular street food in Egypt and is traditionally served for breakfast, smeared on pita bread slices with some hard boiled eggs. It’s very flavorful and filling.Recipe:1 lb. dried fava beans3/4 clove garlic, chopped3 tbsp olive oil1/4 c. lemon juice3/4 tsp.
Jun 27, 2008
Recipe: Guacamole with Corn, Pasilla Chiles, and Tomatillos
With the weather turning warmer, we find ourselves turning to lighter meals and nibbles. Healthy dips and spreads such as muhammara are finding their way onto our plates more often in recent weeks.Another benefit of dips and spreads is they can be used as a substitute for less-healthy toppings such as butter, cream, hollandaise sauces, and other high-fat sauces and accompaniments. Try using hummus in place of mayonnaise in a sandwich, or experiment with covering a grilled steak with guacamole.
Jun 2, 2008
Recipe: Basic Tomato Sauce (with Optional Zing!)
For the sauce-hungry crowd, here is a basic tomato sauce, with some lemony and spicy elements for adding an optional zing. It’s easy, quick, and isn’t a boring old sauce. Basic sauces were one of the requested items from Cure-takers. This week’s assignment was to add a new skill to your cooking arsenal.
May 6, 2008
Recipe: Cinnamon-Spiked Tomatoes
This is not a combination we would have thought of on our own.We recently enjoyed a cheese plate at a restaurant, where a hard goat cheese was paired with a tomato garnish. At first, we asked the bartender who served us if he could swap the tomatoes with something else (the figs looked good), but he insisted. And when we tasted them, we realized there was something different going on.
Apr 22, 2008
Passover Cooking: Huevos Haminados
These might look like Easter eggs, but actually they’re a traditional treat for Passover. We asked NYC caterer and culinary consultant Sierra Spingarn to share the family recipe for Huevos Haminados.Since observant Jews refrain from doing work on the Sabbath, they employ techniques for slow-cooked foods that can be started Friday afternoon, and still be hot on their table. This year, as Passover begins on Saturday night, these techniques will come in especially handy.
Apr 16, 2008
Seasonal Recipe: Nettle Soup
Last week at the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market, we picked a bag of fresh stinging nettles.Nettles have a short growing season – they’re only available for a brief period in the spring, so they aren’t something we get to enjoy often. Some consider nettles a nuisance in the garden since they sting the skin at the slightest touch, but what most people don’t know is that nettles are a wonderful delicacy.Remember to use tongs or wear gloves while handling raw nettles.
Apr 15, 2008
Recipe: Frisée Salad with Red Currants
Frisée means curly in French, and its tightly wound bitter leaves are crunchy, springy, and delicately bitter. They’re also a delicious winter salad base with an unusual winter fruit…Frisée isn’t exactly in season, sure – we admit that. But we found big bags of it at Trader Joe’s and were longing for greens. You may also be able to find it grown in local greenhouses, and soon it will be fully in season in the north and east.
Feb 18, 2008
Recipe: Chocolate Coffee Tart
This recipe and and review come from AT:SF editor Shayna – welcome Shayna! With all of the chocolate talk during bittersweet baking week, we couldn’t hold out any longer and had to jump in on the fun.We’ve made this several times since it first debuted in Gourmet last year, this time we tweaked it a wee bit.
Jan 28, 2008
Recipe: Cranberry and Dark Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream
Ice cream in January? Are we crazy? Yes, we know that it’s in the low teens outside and although the sun is shining here, it’s still very, very cold outside. So ice cream may seem utterly unseasonal of us – it’s just that this ice cream is one of our favorites and it’s made from still seasonal cranberries.We love the tart pop of scarlet cranberries in this rich custard ice cream, side-by-side with shiny chunks of dark chocolate that melt on the tongue.
Jan 23, 2008
Bacon Salt: Vegetarian AND Vegan?
Our friend Michael of Herbivoracious (and of that splendid spicy chickpea stew) tells us, to our surprise, that bacon salt is both vegetarian and vegan! To demonstrate, he makes a vegan Farro with Collard Greens and Bacon Salt.More thoughts below…Like Michael we try to avoid artificial seasonings, but if any of you are going vegan for the New Year (permanently or temporarily) and need a way to ease off that meaty diet of the holidays, this might be helpful.
Jan 10, 2008
Recipe: Cocoa Molasses Toffee
Old-fashioned candies, sweet and strong, are our favorites. Toffee, caramels, divinity – they all show up in our Christmas packages. Here’s a new favorite with an old flavor: molasses. These are strong little candies with a heady molasses kick that tastes of burnt-sweet and sour dark sugar syrup. We added a pinch of salt and a dash of cocoa to round out the flavor.We love how these appear hard at first – teeth crackers! – but soften into taffy as they warm in the mouth.
Dec 14, 2007
Recipe: Spinach, Peach and Walnut Salad
If you can find local greenhouse greens like arugula or spinach, go for it! This salad takes advantage of some local baby greens we found, as well as winter staples like dried fruit and walnuts. Trader Joe’s dried peaches are thick and meaty, and when they are simmered in a little juice and wine they become tender and juicy.Try this with pecans and blue cheese, too – or with other poached dried fruit. It’s green, tender, sweet and delicious.
Dec 4, 2007
Recipe: Confetti Potatoes and Pearl Onions
We chopped everything into even pieces, drizzled some olive oil over with herbs and salt and roasted. See the results below!Confetti Potatoes and Pearl Onionsserves 2-4 as a side About two pounds mixed baby potatoesAbout one pound pearl onionsKosher saltBlack pepperOlive oil 4 sprigs of rosemary4-6 sprigs of thyme Heat the oven to 400°F. Cut the potatoes into quarters – just a little larger than the onions. Cut the top off each onion, then slice in half and shuck away the skin.
Nov 29, 2007
Recipe: D.I.Y. Pudding
Instant pudding brags that only five minutes will get you the “homemade” pudding you crave. Ignore the marketing and make real homemade pudding in nearly as short an amount of time. This basic, old-fashioned pudding has the benefit of being entirely natural, with no artificial thickeners or flavorings, and you can make it as sweet or warm as you like. And you can even eat it with skin on top, if that’s the way you like it! All you need is a little milk, cornstarch, and sugar.
Oct 1, 2007
Recipe: Chocolate Orange Truffles
Chocolate Orange Trufflesabout 4-5 dozen 2 cups crushed vanilla wafer cookies2 cups powdered sugar1/2 cup cornstarch1/2 cup butter, melted and cooled1/2 cup orange juice concentrate, thawed1 teaspoon vanilla1 cup minced pecans1/4 cup candied ginger, minced as finely as possible 12 ounces chocolate chips1/4 bar cooking waxZest of 1 orange Mix all ingredients except for the chocolate chips and wax. Stir well and add more powdered sugar or cornstarch if it’s still too goopy to handle.
Sep 27, 2007
Recipe: D.I.Y. Sage Pesto
Sage makes a powerful pesto oozing with garlicky, oily summer flavor. We recently went hiking in the Santa Monica mountains, where the hot sun brings out all the scent of wild California sage, so warm summer and this powerful aroma are inextricably connected in our mind right now. A little of this pesto goes a long away, and we found that it’s best made with Italian parsley to lighten the sage a bit.
Jun 25, 2007
Recipe: Spicy Broccoli Tofu Stir-Fry
Tofu is something we have been learning to like more and more lately. It’s easy and light and fries up quickly, and when it’s poached like this in a little liquid with a heap of delicious vegetables, we really can’t resist it.This dish is even vegan, with a dash of fermented black beans for savory umami flavor, and some chilies for a kick. Leave the chilies if you don’t like it spicy, but we suggest adding a little extra garlic if you do that.
May 31, 2007
Recipe: Warm Butternut Squash and Arugula Salad
Arugula, as we said yesterday, plays well with sweet fruits and vegetables, like this roasted butternut squash. The squash’s sweetness is played up with a little winter spice – nutmeg and allspice – and paired up with fresh arugula and some toasted walnuts for crunch.We love warm winter salads with slightly wilted greens and this one hits the spot.
Feb 28, 2007
Recipe: Creamy Cheesy Potatoes
These potatoes are a homestyle recipe – full of dairy and fat and other very, very good things. They are comfort food at its finest, with cubed potatoes boiled till just tender and then baked with all sorts of creamy cheese until soft and bubbling. They also come together faster than you might think, and they last for days in the fridge – if you can keep them around that long!
Jan 25, 2007
Recipe: Wine-Braised Cabbage
Braising ribbons of cabbage in butter and wine steams away the sharp, sometimes bitter flavor of raw cabbage, leaving an entirely new vegetable. It’s soft, sweet and juicy – a warm, delicate vegetable for a winter’s evening. Dusted with fresh Parmesan it’s even better.
Jan 24, 2007
Recipe: Sweet and Spicy Squash
Acorn squash is tremendously good for you, and when roasted it has a velvety, luxurious texture that lends itself to both spicy and sweet flavors. Fortunately, there are two halves to a squash, so I dust one with curry powder for a spicy dinner and the other with small mounds of brown sugar for a sweet dessert.I am giving measurements here, but obviously this is the most flexible sort of recipe. Adjust to your taste.
Jan 16, 2007
Recipe: Acorn Squash and Roasted Garlic Strudel
For example, last weekend I needed a vegetarian dish to round out a meal. I had some garlic that needed to be used up, so I roasted it and mashed it to a paste with roasted acorn squash. With a little ricotta this made a delicious filling inside the crisp, flaky strudel. There was the sweet, pungent taste of garlic, and the earthy flavors of squash and sage, with a little crunch from toasted pinenuts.
Dec 14, 2006
Recipe: Ridiculously Quick Pasta al Pomodoro
But sometimes when I just want some dinner after a long day, I do need to be reminded of the basics. For this you need only a handful of ingredients: a big tomato, half an onion or a few shallots, garlic, olive oil, some fresh basil, sage, or rosemary. Some red wine really helps, but don’t knock yourself out. Swirl over some tortellini from Trader Joe’s, pour the rest of the wine into a glass and you have yourself a very nice dish of pasta – all in about 10 minutes flat.
Oct 24, 2006
Recipe: Red Cabbage and White Bean Salad
The Fall Colors Contest is still blazing onward, so here’s a vivid dish to stand up to all those orange walls. The depth of color in this red cabbage startled me! The purple is so deep and true, it looks like it’s been dyed. This is an easy and very healthy salad, with the tang of capers and vinegar and the vigorous crunch of fresh cabbage. Some soft white beans round it out into a satisfying dish that will brighten your kitchen and your dinner table.
Oct 17, 2006
Recipe: Herbed Corn for Columbus Day
Columbus may have come searching for gold, but what he found was a wealth of new foods. Before Europeans arrived in the New World they had never tasted peppers, chocolate, tomatoes or the culinary gold of maize – staple of the Native American diet. Imagine Indian curries without peppers, pasta without tomatoes, or Paris without chocolate!This recipe is adapted from one that Gourmet ran last summer, with a tangy lime butter sauce over lightly cooked corn and herbs.
Oct 9, 2006