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Recipe: Salmon RillettesRecipes
If you don’t know what salmon rillettes are, you’re missing out. Creamy but light, flavorful without being overpowering, think of it as salmon’s answer to paté. It’s a spread that’s sure to impress, and it’s deceptively simple to make. This version comes from Talbott & Arding, an upscale larder in Hudson, New York.
Feb 3, 2020
Recipe: Easy Grilled Salmon with Plum-Basil RelishRecipes
Seattle's most revered cooking icon has the secret to moist and silky salmon.
Feb 3, 2020
Portable Recipe: Cold Noodle Salad with Creamy Peanut SauceRecipes
A forceful kick from behind you sends the chair launching forward. Another blow immediately follows, and somewhere a child starts to scream. You feel the anger swelling inside of you as you start to plot your revenge. The hunger is taking control… This may sound like the beginning of a horror movie, but in reality it’s just another day on a plane. Travel can do a number on anyone’s diet: airports are littered with fast food, pubs, and ice cream stores.
Jan 29, 2020
Chinese Comfort Food: Stir-Fried Egg and TomatoRecipes
Before the Beijing Olympics end, we want to share this dish, which we found out about from a friend who lived in China for many years.
Jan 29, 2020
Inspiration from a French Inn: Cocktail MaisonRecipes
Can you guess what gives this Champagne cocktail its peachy-pink blush? After I sampled a glass of it, I just had to find out. My friend Hillary discovered this sparkling cocktail years ago while traveling through the French countryside. She was staying in small inn with an adjoining restaurant. An assortment of cocktails were offered before dinner as apéritifs. Hillary chose the house specialty, the cocktail maison. It was cool and effervescent.
Jan 29, 2020
Word of Mouth: ChapatiSkills
Chapati [chuh-pah-tee] noun: Pan-grilled unleavened flatbread eaten in India, East Africa, and most of South Asia.Chapati is ubiquitous in Kenya; big golden wedges of this flat, chewy bread were served at almost every meal. We loved it; the fried golden taste is so delicious, and it’s handy for sopping up extra meat and sauce. We were already familiar, too, with chapati from Indian cuisine.
Jan 21, 2020
Hazelnut Yogurt: Visiting Dairy Heaven in EmmentalPeople
Our regular Cheesemonger is off today, so I thought I’d give you a peek at a cheese shop in Emmental, Switzerland, that made me weak in the knees. It wasn’t the cheese, though, that made me buckle; it was the yogurt. Take a look at these flavors.On our way back from the mountains we stopped at this dairy and cheese shop to pick up cheese for fondue.
Jan 21, 2020
The Best Places to Eat Far-Flung Foods Without Getting on a Plane for 16 HoursPeople
Americans have a vacation problem and here’s what it is: We can’t get to Xi’an to eat hand-slapped biang biang noodles for a week and eat cochinita pibil pulled from the ground on the Yucatan peninsula and enjoy an Argentine parillada feast with endless enormous steaks. Two weeks a year just isn’t enough time. Two weeks, if we can get it, is barely enough to visit one of these food paradises, not to mention all them.
Jan 21, 2020
Recipe: Catskills Apple DumplingsRecipes
What are apple dumplings? Think of them as bite-sized versions of apple pie (only better), with all the goodness of a flaky crust and gooey apple filling. Many are made with whole apples, but the ones I’m hooked on are made with diced apples, which make them super easy to eat. I love picking some up from a local farm stand as a treat for my family and, no matter what, I always eat one straight away. They’re that good!
Jan 21, 2020
Have Kitchen, Will Travel: A Portable Kitchen RoundupKitchen
Summer travel for many of us means hitting the open road. Can you imagine doing so with a fully functional kitchen in tow? These folks can:Here, we’ve rounded up five wonderful and portable kitchens that have been featured over at Apartment Therapy. From a fully renovated Airstream to a humble teardrop camper, these homes on wheels let you bring the creature comfort of the kitchen along for the ride.Have you traveled with a kitchen in tow before? How’d it go?
Dec 19, 2019
The Unexpected Place to Celebrate St. Patrick’s DaySkills
It’s true that New York’s St. Patrick’s Day parade is the largest in the world, that there’s no shortage of Irish bars to visit in Boston, and that it may be worth a trip to Chicago to see the river run green. But one of the best places to lift your pint glass in honor of the patron saint of Ireland probably isn’t on your radar. On any given holiday (or really any given day), it’s a safe bet there are good times, or bon temps rather, to be had in New Orleans.
Dec 17, 2019
What I Bring Home When I Travel to GermanyKitchen
You might think a suitcase coming from Germany would be filled to the brim with porky products and pilsner, and perhaps some horseradish-laced mustard and a Bavarian pretzel or two. Not so for me. When I come back from Deutschland, my bag is filled with sweet treats. I grew up traveling to Germany. My mother was born there, in a tiny village in the Rhineland near the French border. My dad, who is American, joined the army and was posted in her small town.
Dec 17, 2019
5 Rules of Airplane Snacks, According to a Flight AttendantSkills
It’s true that you can actually get a good meal, maybe even a great one, with wine pairings to boot, on an airplane — that is, if you’re flying first class. For main cabin passengers, it’s another story altogether. Airlines have whittled down their complimentary onboard options to a selection of itty-bitty packets of peanuts and pretzels — and that’s if you’re lucky.
Dec 17, 2019
Can You Get Really Good Food at 35,000 Feet?People
Last year, Union Square Café, a mainstay of the New York dining scene and the first jewel in Danny Meyer’s culinary empire, announced it would be closing its doors at 21 East 16th Street, where it had resided for more than 30 years. But there’s good news: The New American restaurant, which has earned myriad awards, stars, and nods of recognition, will be relocating to new digs just a few blocks away and will open sometime this spring.
Dec 17, 2019
A Nutritionist’s Take on Healthy Gas-Station SnacksPeople
So, you’re on the road to somewhere wonderful and you can’t tell if it’s the excitement about reaching your final destination that’s making you dizzy or, wait … nope, it’s actually hunger. In your rush to get out the door and be on your way to the lake, beach, country, mountains — wherever it is, not here — you forgot to pack snacks. Unfortunately, you’re short on options, so the gas station it is.
Dec 17, 2019
This Is How They Do Aperol Spritz in CopenhagenPeople
My obsession with the Aperol Spritz began a few years ago when the bubbly, slightly bitter aperitif that’s served basically everywhere in Italy started popping up at bars and restaurants stateside. Then, two winters ago, I developed an even closer bond with the refreshing, low-alcohol sipper on a cruise to Antarctica. Most evenings, I would make my way to the observation deck, order a spritz and a small bowl of potato chips, and watch the glaciers float by.
Dec 17, 2019
Snacking Tips from Road Warriors: EntrepreneurSkills
Snacks are an essential part of travel. They keep hunger — and impulsive, hanger-driven decisions — at bay, sustaining long days on the road (or on your feet). They also offer a tiny piece of home, whether it’s the familiarity of a pack of peanut M&Ms when you’re in a foreign country or the knowledge that you’ve got your go-to granola handy for breakfast.
Dec 17, 2019
10 Snacking Tips from Road WarriorsSkills
Summer is travel season. Between Memorial Day and Labor Day, chances are you’ll get in a car, catch a train, or board a plane at least once. And if your summer plans do involve travel, you’ll want to start thinking about snacks. This week, we talked with five different road warriors, people who spend a good percentage of their lives getting from here to there and going basically everywhere, during the summer and throughout the year.
Dec 17, 2019
Vacation Rentals We Love: A Chic Country Kitchen in Upstate New YorkKitchen
Vacation Rental: Haviland House in Hudson, New York Sleeps: Up to 6 guests Price: Starting at $450 per night; 3-night minimum Why We Wanna Cook Here: Look at those dreamy windows! What’s not to love about this chic country kitchen in a historic row home in Hudson, New York?
Dec 17, 2019
Kitchn’s Bite-Sized Guide to Upstate New YorkPeople
For many, travel brings to mind far-flung destinations from Tokyo to Timbuktu, but at Kitchn, we’re of the opinion that travel is about more than these once-in-a-lifetime trips. Travel is a day trip to wine country, a drive to the antiques fair a few towns over, or even an exploration of a different neighborhood in your very own city. Travel, for us, is about the everyday explorations that broaden our horizons — and, of course, provide opportunities to taste new and delicious foods.
Dec 17, 2019
Why That $25 Hotel Bar Cocktail Is Totally Worth ItPeople
The most expensive cocktail I’ve ever had was at Duke’s Hotel in London. If I’m recalling correctly, it cost me £17. Now, a $17 cocktail is one thing — expensive, yes, but not unheard of, at least in New York — but a £17 cocktail is something else altogether. That single cocktail, a very stiff, very dry martini, set me back $27. And it was totally worth it. Let’s take a look at the math. (Don’t worry it’s not complicated.
Dec 17, 2019
Recipe: Arnaud’s French 75Recipes
A French 75 is a wonderful thing. Fizzy, refreshing, and just boozy enough, it’s a cocktail we can get behind. And we’re in good company: Papa Hemingway was a fan, and so was Dickens (or so we hear). But what if we told you there was a way to make this delightful sipper even better?
Dec 17, 2019
Recipe: Pimm’s CupRecipes
Fizzy, lemony, and low in alcohol, this classic British cocktail is easy to make and goes down easy.
Dec 17, 2019
A Neighborhood Walk in New Orleans: The Garden DistrictPeople
We love to travel, but a new town can feel overwhelming, especially if time is tight. Our Bite-Sized Guides lift the pressure to sort through every recommendation and review, and give you the perfect introduction to a new town, with a walking tour of just one neighborhood we love. For New Orleans we chose the Garden District, renowned for its oak-lined streets and Victorian homes.
Dec 17, 2019
5 Things Everyone Should Do in New OrleansKitchen
Avoid FOMO. Put these 5 things on your list.
Dec 17, 2019
5 Ways to Pretend You’re in New Orleans for Mardi GrasPeople
In New Orleans, Mardi Gras isn’t just a day — it’s a month of celebration with masquerade balls and parades and music and merriment that culminates on “Fat Tuesday,” the day before Ash Wednesday and the more somber Lenten season. Today — Lundi Gras — it is not uncommon for locals to go out for a boozy lunch that stretches all the way until dinner.
Dec 17, 2019
This New Orleans Jazz Musician Is Also a King of BBQPeople
“We partyin’!” is jazz musician Kermit Ruffins’ signature exclamation, often from the stage of jazz clubs throughout New Orleans where he is known and loved. What you might not know is that the trumpeter is also famous (at least locally) for putting on another sort of party — one where he is king of the grill.
Dec 17, 2019
5 Backpacks That Are Better than Tote BagsKitchen
Until a few months ago, I was firmly in the tote bag camp. Until a few months ago, I couldn’t actually remember the last time I even owned a backpack! Maybe it was in college? Or was it high school when an L.L. Bean bag with your initials monogrammed on it was the “in” thing?
Dec 17, 2019
Live Out (Literally) All Your Kitchen Dreams at This Miami Vacation RentalKitchen
Vacation Rental: Deco Gardens in Miami Beach, Florida Sleeps: Up to 6 people Price:$700 per night Why We Wanna Cook Here: Just look at that kitchen. This Miami Beach kitchen has it all going on. We’re not even sure where to start. The double range! The full-size griddle! The copper pots! The farmhouse-style sink! The second farmhouse-style sink! The butcher-block island! The marble countertops!
Dec 17, 2019
Recipe: The Most Classic Cocktail, Miami-StyleRecipes
Going to Miami and not having a fruity, frosty drink would be like going to the movies and not having popcorn. Order that piña colada! Then, follow it up with a local twist on that most classic of cocktails. I’m talking about the Old Fashioned, which is as simple as cocktails get (not to mention delicious). It’s just sugar, bitters, and whiskey. The idea behind the Miami-version of this cocktail is just as simple.
Dec 17, 2019
Classic MojitoRecipes
We polled Miami's top bartenders to get their best tips for making a classic mojito.
Dec 17, 2019
5 Tips for Sticking to Your Vacation Food BudgetKitchen
There are certain times when budgets go out the window. For many, vacations are one of those times. But while I fully support letting things slide a little while you’re on the road, or even taking a staycation, I’m not a huge fan of returning from tropical paradise to find I have to eat rice and beans for the next month. (I have done this and, as much as I love rice and beans, it gets very, very boring.
Dec 17, 2019
Recipe: Cuban Grilled Cheese SandwichRecipes
With its combination of tender roasted pork, smoked ham, Swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard, a Cuban sandwich is pretty close to the ideal sandwich. It checks all the right boxes of salty, smoky, meaty, melty, and tangy. But what if you were to take a classic Cubano and cross it with a grilled cheese? We thought it sounded like a good idea, too, when we spotted it on the menu at chef Richard Hales’ Bird & Bone (the fact that it was served with waffle-cut fries didn’t hurt either).
Dec 17, 2019
A Food-Lover’s Guide to the Most Delicious Caribbean IslandPeople
Most people don't go to the Caribbean for the food. The beaches, yes. The frosty drinks, yes. But this island has the kind of food that has me planning a return trip.
Dec 17, 2019
Recipe: The Ultimate Dessert ManhattanRecipes
This riff on a Manhattan isn’t your run-of-the-mill cocktail. No, it’s a special cocktail — one that should be made with care and sipped with some sense of occasion — and not just because of its ingredients, which (we’ll say in advance) may require a trip to the liquor store. This is a cocktail with a racy (or quite literally racing) past. You see, this cocktail was named after a Kentucky bookie and a bootlegger by the name of Jack Fry.
Dec 17, 2019
5 of the Best Recipes from Louisville, Kentucky Right NowRecipes
When you think of Louisville, what do you think of? If your answer is bourbon, you’re not wrong: Walk into any (literally any) bar and you’ll find a brown spirit collection that’s larger than most you’ll find in even the best bars elsewhere. The offerings run the gamut from budget to budget-buster.
Dec 17, 2019
Urban Bourbon: Where to Drink in Louisville, KentuckyPeople
Bourbon is, unquestionably, the one thing you will find everywhere you go in Louisville. And Louisville is, unquestionably, the most exciting place to drink bourbon. But for the uninitiated into the pleasures and particulars of the brown spirit, know this: You do not have to be a card-carrying bourbon enthusiast in order to partake. Neophytes will find plenty of low-proof selections and bourbon cocktails to ease their way in and bartenders keen to introduce you to their hometown spirit.
Dec 17, 2019
A Brown Spirits Education with the Owner of Louisville’s Best Bourbon BarPeople
Haymarket Whiskey Bar is my kind of bar. It’s the kind of dive bar that’s got character in spades — witness pinball and skeeball machines, a giant moose head, and a neon blue bar — but it’s not so grungey that you feel like you don’t want to put your hands on the fluorescent-lit bar (or if you do, you’d have to whip out your bottle of Purell). It also has the best collection of bourbon in Louisville.
Dec 17, 2019
7 Essential Things to Eat in Louisville, KentuckyPeople
It almost goes without saying that if you are visiting Louisville, you should drink some bourbon. Of course you should have bourbon! Kentucky and bourbon go together like Juleps and the Derby. If you are a bourbon-lover, you will find no shortage of the brown spirit; if you are a novice, this may well be the best place to whet your thirst. Read more: Where to Drink in Louisville, Kentucky But there is life in Louisville beyond the bourbon bottle.
Dec 17, 2019
Recipe: Berry-Ginger Gin CocktailRecipes
For watching the Derby, or just because it's spring, our money is on this refreshing sipper.
Dec 17, 2019
The Bartender at Louisville’s Most Interesting Hotel on His Favorite $5 BourbonPeople
On the short list of things that you absolutely must do in Louisville, drink bourbon is for sure one; eat a hot brown is another. These will surprise no one. But I’d also argue for another less-expected essential for any visitor, but especially food-lovers: a trip to the 21c Museum Hotel. It might seem weird to put a hotel on the list and it might seem hyperbolic to say that the 21c Museum Hotel is so much more than a hotel! But I will say both things — and I will stand behind them.
Dec 17, 2019
As a Food-Lover and Cook, What’s Your Dream Vacation?People
As a general concept, vacation is something I think we can all get behind. Everyone can agree that a few days off from the daily grind (whatever your version of the daily grind is) is a very good thing. But what isn’t so clear cut is what the ideal vacation looks like. For some, it is a trip halfway around the world to explore a new culture and a new cuisine. For others, it’s the pool a few towns over, with outdoor grills and picnic tables nearby.
Dec 17, 2019
How 1,000 Farmers & 1 Female Winemaker Are Changing Pugliese WinePeople
When you think about Italian wine, Puglia is not a region that comes to mind. Tuscany, yes. Veneto, Piedmont, Emilio Romagna … but Puglia? Not so much. But Puglia is responsible for approximately 14 percent of Italy’s wine production and is the country’s second largest wine-producing region. This statistic is slightly misleading, however, as only 3 percent of D.O.C. wines come from Puglia. What’s the difference? D.O.C.
Dec 17, 2019
Vacation Rentals We Love: A Bold Blue Philadelphia KitchenPeople
Vacation Rental: Lokal Hotel, Philadelphia, PA Sleeps: There are six apartment-style rooms, 3 one-bedrooms and 3 two-bedrooms Price: Rates start at $195 Why We Wanna Cook Here: We’re definitely feeling the bold blue look here. In the great debate of hotels vs. vacation rentals, I admit that I am torn. And not because I don’t have strong opinions — I do! I love both so much! Don’t make me pick just one!
Dec 17, 2019
Where Should We Go & What Should We Eat in 2018?People
This year, we’ve been eating and drinking our way through the United States. We’ve eaten the classics, like red beans & rice in New Orleans and apple dumplings in Upstate New York, and we’ve made some discoveries. In Louisville, for example, we learned that cornbread pancakes are the answer to a night of too much bourbon (or really the answer to What’s for breakfast? on any Saturday or Sunday).
Dec 17, 2019
Eat All the Most Iconic Foods in New Orleans in One Delicious WeekendPeople
New Orleans is a food-lover’s paradise. From Creole and Cajun staples (like gumbo, jambalaya, etouffée) and po’ boys and muffulettas to powdered-sugar-coated beignets and toothache-inducing pralines (pronounced PRAW-leen, if you please), it’d be easy to spend an entire week, if not longer, eating your way through this tasty town. But if you only have a weekend, what’s the best way to get your fill of all of New Orleans’ most famous foods? We have a few ideas.
Dec 17, 2019
10 Meals to Pack for Your Next FlightRecipes
Are you planning a trip this summer? Perhaps taking advantage of some of the cheap airfare deals to Europe? This past February, Norwegian Airlines announced $69 flights to Europe from select destinations in the United States. And just this morning, I was reading that Latvian airline Primera Air will be offering flights to Europe for as low as $99 each way. What’s the catch? Well, everything costs extra, including the food.
Dec 17, 2019
5 Cozy Cabin Rentals for $100 or LessPeople
At least once a year, I get the urge to sneak away to some cabin in the woods and indulge in my inner Thoreau. The appeal isn’t hard to understand, what with the constant chorus of pings and beeps and chimes telling us we have mail or a text or maybe someone liked our Instagram! And while yes it is nice that someone (even if it is a complete stranger) thought the bread you baked this morning looked good, it’s also exhausting.
Dec 17, 2019
6 Food-Driven Road Trips to Take Right NowPeople
A summer road trip — be it with your best friend, man’s best friend, or all by yourself — feels like an American rite of passage. John Steinbeck did it. So did the Griswolds. And so have I. Although I confess that my love of the open road came later in life than it does for most. I grew up in New Jersey, where, just like in other states with highways and shopping malls, teens are chomping at the bit to get their license.
Dec 17, 2019
The 2-Ingredient Cocktail Everyone in Lisbon Is DrinkingPeople
I have always said (mostly to myself, but also to anyone who will listen) that Europeans are the best day-drinkers. They have always managed to strike the right balance of refreshing and relaxing that comes from a drink that is just boozy enough. Consider Italy’s Aperol Spritz or Spain’s Rebujito, a mix of sherry and lemon-lime soda, or the Kalimoxto, a combination of red wine and coke that’s popular in Basque country.
Dec 17, 2019
A Yearly Feast Closes Down Traffic in This Tiny Spanish TownPeople
On the last Friday of September — this year, the 29th — the town of Binissalem completely shuts down for a yearly feast known as “Sopar a la Fresca.” It means dine outside and that’s exactly what the residents of this tiny Mallorcan village do. They take to the streets, set up simple wooden or plastic tables, and sup on noodles and lamb.
Dec 17, 2019
Book Your Flight to Scandinavia Today & Kids Fly (Almost) FreePeople
You already know that October is a really, really good time to go to EuropeFikatoasthyggeIKEA Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) is offering free fares for kids aged 2 to 11 from all U.S. SAS destinations — L.A., San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, New York, Washington, D.C., and Miami — to Scandinavia and Finland. (In actual seats, not on your lap or in a suitcase.) Well, almost free.
Dec 17, 2019
The Cheap & Easy Dinner Tradition I Brought Home from PortugalPeople
The best thing I brought home from Portugal wasn't a port, sardines, or an egg custard tart.
Dec 17, 2019
10 Essential Things to Eat, Drink & Do on a Weekend in Upstate New YorkPeople
I grew up going skiing in upstate New York. It was, let me be completely honest, unextraordinary in every single way — especially the food. I remember being very hungry. Fast forward a few decades and (much to my surprise) upstate New York has completely transformed. Towns revitalized, hotels and motels restored to their former glory, and a slew of new restaurants, bars, and shops opened.
Dec 17, 2019
5 Things I Brought Home from CanadaPeople
Some of your usual suspects, plus one very unusual suspect indeed.
Dec 17, 2019
New Orleans for Cocktail-Lovers: A Boozy Big Easy WeekendPeople
There is never a bad time to drink your way through New Orleans: The city’s motto — laissez les bon temps rouler — all but offers to buy you your next round; its liberal libation policies mean you may almost always have something slushy and spiked on hand; and for every frozen beverage in a to-go cup, there is a well-crafted cocktail in a coupe glass. No, there is never a bad time to get a bit inebriated in the Big Easy.
Dec 17, 2019
5 Things I Brought Home from San FranciscoPeople
I’m not sure how it happens, but every time I travel elsewhere I seem to forget that I live in a place that has food. I leave Brooklyn with my backpack basically empty and return with a bag that is bursting with baked goods and coffee beans and chocolate bars. Such was the case this past Sunday, when I came back from a weekend trip to the Bay Area. Here’s what I toted home with me. Josey Baker’s real name is Josey Baker and he bakes bread — really, really good bread.
Dec 17, 2019
The Travel Mug That Amazon Shoppers Are Totally Obsessed With
It's the best-selling option on the entire site.
Dec 9, 2019
The Pie Bar I've Been Making for Years (They Travel Beautifully!)
This recipe is a great traveler and makes friends everywhere it goes.
Nov 26, 2019
The Food Choices I Made in Order to Save Up for a Trip to Paris
Tips from The Kitchn
These five little things saved us $250 — at least!
Oct 11, 2019
The $6 Knife That Makes Me Feel Like I'm in Scandinavia
So fancy!
Oct 7, 2019
8 IKEA Finds That Do Double Duty as Travel EssentialsKitchen
These items may be designed for use in the kitchen, but they're actually pretty handy when you're on the road.
Sep 11, 2019
How I Staycation: New York CityPeople
“Staycation” may seem like a made-up word for people who don’t have the time or energy to plan an actual holiday, but hear us out: A vacation in your hometown doesn’t have to suck. In fact, it can be pretty wonderful. Consider: You save on airfare and transportation, you don’t have to worry about outsourcing care of pets or plants, and you can sleep in your own bed (if you want). Win-win-win! This month, we’re exploring how five different people staycation.
Sep 11, 2019
Pack This Portable, Filling Breakfast for Your Next FlightRecipes
You can make it in an airport or hotel room, and it will keep you going until lunch.
Sep 5, 2019
This Is the Only Travel Mug You Will Ever Need
It's time to enter into a serious committed relationship with your tumbler.
Jul 25, 2019
13 Easy One-Pot Dinners to Cook at Your Vacation RentalRecipes
Because if you're cooking on vacation you should have the easiest recipes possible.
Jul 18, 2019
It’s Not Just You — Other People Bring Their Instant Pots on Vacation TooTools
Mad respect to the person who brought their Instant Pot on a ferry.
Jul 3, 2019
5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Renting My House on Airbnb
Tips from The Kitchn
Sometimes, you've just gotta turn a pantry door into a bedroom door.
Jul 3, 2019
10 Easy Camping Recipes to Bookmark for Your Next TripRecipes
Spoiler alert: There's a fun riff on s'mores!
Jun 26, 2019
Bloggers Share Their Smartest Solo Travel TipsPeople
Love to travel but don’t have a companion? No worries. More and more, traveling alone is an active choice, with women leading the way, according to Mary Bond of The Gutsy Traveler. (In fact, when it comes to travel, women are leading the way, period. Bond notes that 75 percent of those taking cultural, adventure, or nature trips are women, while women-only travel companies have increased by 230 percent.
Jun 9, 2019
10 Things We’ve Learned on Our TravelsPeople
There are many great things about traveling: beautiful sights, great food, one-of-a-kind souvenirs, funny moments we tell around the table for years to come. Then there are the things we learn — about ourselves, about others — while abroad; the cultural and culinary habits and traditions that make such an impression on us we still think about them years later and, in some cases, even start doing them at home. Here are 10 examples.
Jun 8, 2019
5 Things Paris Taught Me About TravelPeople
A rainy afternoon in Montmartre. I’m in Paris this week, and I’ve been looking forward to bringing you some tips and fresh ideas from the streets of the city. But as I sat down to think about what to share with you, I found my thoughts going in a bit different direction than I expected. Here are five lessons I’ve been learning in the past five years of travel, and especially from Paris. Last night’s omelet.
Jun 8, 2019