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A Private Chef’s Tips for Healthy, Make-Ahead, Mix-and-Match Meals
Jesa Henneberry, who has a super-organized kitchen we toured and admired, is all about eating well — not just gustatorily, but also for fitness and health. Since she spends a lot of time planning out and preparing menus for her clients who have the same goals, it seemed like a good idea to ask Jesa for some tricks of the trade. What are the best ways to plan meal aheads and keep a tight rein on portions? Have a plan and a format to follow and cook foods in bulk to be portioned out later.
Jul 2, 2014
Where I Cook: Jesa’s Incredibly Well-Organized Kitchen
Who cooks and eats here: Jesa Henneberry, a personal chef and competitive athlete, and her husband Where: Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, New York Rent or Own? Own Jesa, a trained chef, spends her days working in other people’s kitchens. She prepares their meals, organizes their weekly meal plans, helps them with portions, and makes sure they eat well.
Jul 1, 2014
A Few Simple Yet Dramatic Changes For a Rental Kitchen
Kerra’s tiny Washington, D.C. kitchen was “the worst room in the apartment” before she made a few simple DIY changes — and now it’s the room she’s most proud of! Here’s what she did: Kerra took the doors off the cabinets, painted the walls and cabinet interiors in Rustoleum black chalkboard paint, and covered the refrigerator with contact paper.
Jun 20, 2014
Faith Blakeney’s Joyful, Art-Filled Kitchen
Who cooks and eats here: Faith Blakeney and daughter Noa Where: Los Angeles, California Rent or Own? Rent Faith Blakeney is quite the style maven. She puts together eclectic homes with a sense of whimsy, color, and humor — qualities definitely on display in her own small kitchen, which is as joyful and exuberant as she is. The bright white walls provide the perfect backdrop to her daughter’s artwork, as well as Faith’s favorite found objects and collectibles.
Jun 10, 2014
Where We Cook: Hannah & Nathan’s Carriage House Kitchen
Who cooks and eats here: Hannah Vainstein and Nathan Hayden Where: Santa Barbara, California Rent or Own? Rent Hannah and Nathan are two of the most creative, fun, and unique super duos I know, and their kitchen is as stylish, natural and upbeat as they are. Nestled behind the Santa Barbara mission, this kitchen gets a ton of bright, natural light and is the location of many a dance and tea party. Join me as we tour this wonderful space!
May 27, 2014
How Julia Organizes Her Open-Plan Kitchen
Julia Badovinac’s open-plan loft kitchen required a bit of extra planning for storage, since the high-ceilinged space was once an industrial building with no built-in shelving or closets. Fortunately the owners installed a kitchen that ran from one end of the space to the other, and Julia and her boyfriend Julian added on from there.
May 15, 2014
A Scottish Kitchen Made Out of Reclaimed Ship Parts
Laura’s gorgeous Glasgow apartment has many stunning details — high ceilings, original, restored features — but it’s the kitchen and accompanying dining room that are truly eye-catching. If the kitchen island above looks vaguely nautical, that’s because it’s made from reclaimed ship parts! As Laura tells Apartment Therapy in this recent House Tour, she loves a mishmash of old and new things.
May 6, 2014
Where I Cook: Leather Craftsman Steven Soria’s Rental Kitchen
Who cooks and eats here: Steven Soria of Make Smith Where: Santa Barbara, CA Rent or Own? Rent When I realized my favorite local leather designer Steven Soria was also an amazing cook and lived a block away from me, I had to see where this magic alchemy took place.
Apr 22, 2014
A Chef at Work: Michelle Marek of Foodlab in Montreal
Where: SAT Foodlab, Montreal, Quebec Who cooks here: Michelle Marek and co-chef Seth Gabrielse Yesterday I gave you a peek inside Montreal chef Michelle Marek’s home kitchen, and today we’re going to visit her restaurant. No, we don’t usually write about restaurants at The Kitchn, but we certainly take inspiration for home cooking from them, and I felt that it would be interesting to talk to Michelle about how home and restaurant cooking differ from one another.
Apr 3, 2014
The 4 Best Things to Eat with Pinot Noir: A Winemaker’s Pairing Picks
Over the past couple of days, Jay McDonald of EIEIO & Co. Winery has led us through the vineyards of the Willamette Valley in Oregon and shown us the ropes on crafting Pinot Noir. A consummate entertainer, Jay now shares his culinary expertise on pairing food with the ever-versatile Pinot Noir. (Of course, he’s slightly biased toward Pinot from Oregon!
Mar 20, 2014
Where I Cook: Meg of Beard & Bonnet
Who cooks and eats here: Meg van der Kruik of Beard & Bonnet, a vegetarian and gluten-free food blog, her husband Todd, and her children Eliza and Kash. Where: Long Beach, CA Rent or Own? Rent I’m always smitten by a living space that fully represents the personalities of its inhabitants. You know the kind. It’s more than just a space — there is life to it, a story. Meg’s house is definitely one of these places.
Feb 18, 2014
Ellen & Greg’s Renovated Loft Kitchen
Who cooks and eats here: Ellen & Greg Gartland Where: Chicago, IL Rent or Own? Own Ellen and Greg Gartland’s simple and beautiful kitchen is a result of the pair’s creative approach to renovation. “Rustic elegance,” might sound like an oxymoron, but that’s exactly what the Chicago couple achieved in the design of their loft.
Jan 29, 2014
A Warm & Cozy Amsterdam Kitchen
When asked about their favorite room in their fantastic Amsterdam apartment, Elena and Judd unequivocally said the kitchen: “It’s really the anchor to the house, and with our small but open floor plan it is great to cook and chat at the same time.” This is a lovely little kitchen — just check out that stove! The couple designed and built the kitchen themselves using stock cabinets with custom doors and handles by Wouter Verhoef at Moving Works.
Jan 9, 2014
Cecilia’s Sleek High-Design Kitchen
Who cooks and eats here: Cecilia, her husband and her two children Where: Upper East Side, Manhattan, New York City Rent or Own? Own Cecilia has tremendous enthusiasm for life, art, design and food, and her home is a testament to this. Her kitchen is incredibly sleek and blends in so much with the design of her home, that you might not even know it’s a kitchen when you first see it. Nothing would make Cecilia happier.
Jan 7, 2014
A Black and White Galley Kitchen
Bryan and Sarah’s Brooklyn galley kitchen is a mix of gray, black, and white — a minimal color scheme that suits the couple who cooks there! It’s also home to “many dinner parties, espressos, and a playful dartboard with scoreboard,” so in our view it also sounds like a lovely place to be. “Our inspiration draws heavily from time spent in NYC, Norway and our childhoods in western Canada,” say Bryan and Sarah in their recent tour on Apartment Therapy.
Dec 11, 2013
David’s Live/Work Kitchen In a Former Firehouse (Complete with Fireman’s Pole!)
Who cooks and eats here: David Braly and Mark Montoya Where: Montgomery, Alabama Rent or Own? Own Artist David Braly wanted a “non-house” in which to live and work in Montgomery, Alabama, so he repurposed and renovated a city-owned property and former Firehouse 9 in Montgomery’s historic Garden District.
Dec 10, 2013
A Wonderfully Cozy Kitchen in Scotland
We bet this lovely eclectic kitchen is just spectacular around the holidays. It already looks so cozy and welcoming! This kitchen belongs to the Mackay family, who live in Glasgow, Scotland. The home it’s in was built in the 1840s, and it was originally the billiard room of a large mansion, but was converted to a home in the 1940s. Now Claire and Marcus Mackay keep it full of reclaimed furniture, hand-me-downs, and homemade pieces given to them by friends and family. So lovely!
Dec 4, 2013
Linsay’s Vegan Garden-to-Table Kitchen
Who cooks and eats here: Linsay Colvin and her fiancé Jason Bodenheimer Where: Novato, CA Rent or Own? Own When I arrived at Linsay Colvin’s cottage home on a warm summer afternoon, she was barefoot in her kitchen baking vegan galettes. Her kitchen was warm and smelled like pie. The minty green paint in her open shelving glowed with the light flooding in through their skylights. The counters were full of freshly harvested kale and cucumbers from their sizable garden.
Dec 3, 2013
Alicia & Adam’s Southern Victorian Kitchen
Who cooks and eats here: Adam and Alicia Whitely (and a new baby boy) Where: Montgomery, Alabama Rent or Own? Own Leftovers? Nonsense. Do-overs are an option cook Alicia Whitley rarely explores in her culinary adventures. With all the options out there, Alicia thinks diving into something new for daily meals makes perfect sense and is where she finds joy in the kitchen of her home nestled in one of Montgomery, Alabama’s oldest neighborhoods.
Nov 26, 2013
Farm-to-Restaurant Chef Peter Hoffman’s Humble Yet Hardworking Kitchen
Who cooks and eats here: Peter Hoffman, his wife Susan, and their teenage daughter Where: West Village, New York Rent or Own? Own Decades before most people had ever heard the term “farm to table,” chef Peter Hoffman was shopping at New York’s farmers markets and biking its fresh produce back to to his restaurants, Savoy (now closed) and Back Forty/Back Forty West.
Nov 19, 2013
6 Tips for Creating a Seating Plan
Assigned seating for dinner parties was de rigueur back in the day and had very prescribed rules of etiquette. Nowadays, you might occasionally see a dinner party seating plan, especially at weddings but also big dinners like Thanksgiving. Sometimes I suspect that this practice has survived because we want to use all those pretty/cool/interesting place cards more than any excessive need to control the table, but it can also be a hospitable gesture to offer each guest a named place at the table.
Nov 18, 2013
A Chic Toronto Kitchen (Designed With IKEA Cabinets)
If I needed any further convincing after this that IKEA kitchen cabinets can look way more expensive than they are, there’s today’s House Tour on Apartment Therapy. Meg and Steve’s modern and cozy Toronto home (which they call “modernozy”) includes a beautiful, chic kitchen with — yes — a few high-end elements like Caesarstone counters and Thermador appliances. But the foundation? IKEA’s Ankurum cabinets!
Nov 12, 2013
My Family’s Lakeside Canadian Cottage Kitchen
Who cooks and eats here: Generations of the Pepin family Where: Lake of Bays, Ontario, Canada Rent or Own? Own This kitchen is not at all glamorous. To call it rustic would even be too kind. It’s old, it’s small, it has a lot of quirks, and I wouldn’t change a thing. My great grandfather built the house by hand in 1937. My dad grew up spending summers fishing, swimming, sailing, and running a dock-to-dock paper route with his brother by boat.
Nov 5, 2013
A Food Stylist and Food Photographer Share Their Home Kitchen
If you’ve ever wondered how a food stylist and food photographer would set up their home kitchen, here’s your chance to get a firsthand peek: Johanna is a food stylist, and her partner Derek is a food photographer. Together they live and work in a Chicago loft with a large, open kitchen and dining space that fits with the couple’s eclectic, creative style.
Nov 4, 2013
A Proudly DIY’ed (and Ever Changing) Craftsman Kitchen
When asked to name their proudest DIY project in their 1926 Craftsman home in Phoenix, Liz and John definitively said the kitchen: “We put together all of the cabinets, hung the upper ones, did the glass tile backsplash ourselves, painted, put in the oven with the help of our neighbor, and I drew up the plans for the city permit to add the gas line for the range,” they tell Apartment Therapy.
Oct 31, 2013
A Breezy & Bohemian Los Angeles Kitchen
Erin and Nathan’s Echo Park kitchen is so cheery and unassuming, and very well-suited to its owners, who run a bohemian clothing shop. The boho look of their house in the hills is very appealing to young people, Erin says, who always tell her it’s their dream. “Really? Don’t you want something fancier?” she says. But we can understand why people are so charmed!
Oct 29, 2013
Chef Barton Seaver’s Warm and Well-Stocked Rental Kitchen
Who cooks & eats here: Chef and author Barton Seaver and his wife Carrie Anne Where: Jamaica Plain, Boston Rent or Own? Rent In August I spent seven days sailing around Alaska with a crew of fellow food writers, photographers, and chefs, one of whom was Barton Seaver.
Oct 29, 2013
Amy and Christian’s Neat and Tidy Kitchen
Who cooks and eats here: Amy and Christian Where: Ditmas Park, Brooklyn, New York Rent or Own? Own This is Amy and Christian’s first kitchen together. They were married a few years ago and compromised on a neighborhood in Brooklyn that would work for both of them. The kitchen has been renovated to perfection, and while it was mostly an ‘Amy project’ they both enjoy it to its fullest!
Oct 15, 2013
Orvin & Donna’s Cabin-in-the-City Kitchen
Who cooks and eats here: Orvin and Donna Baker-Brenningstall Location: Denver, Colorado Rent or Own? Own Merely a block away from the strip malls and bustling traffic of Denver’s Colorado Boulevard lies the newly renovated log cabin complex of Orvin and Donna Baker-Brenningstall. Donna and her husband purchased their home in 2011 and completed their renovation earlier this year.
Oct 8, 2013
Emily’s Ready-To-Cook Kitchen
Who cooks and eats here: Emily Stoffel and her husband Chris Stoffel Location: Menlo Park, CA Rent or Own? Rent I arrived at Emily’s cottage-like home in Menlo Park, CA, not really knowing what to expect. Em and I had cultivated a pretty ferocious online friendship through our respective blogs, but hadn’t met in person until this point. This is the life of blogging. It’s much like blind dating. I stood at her front stoop and knocked. She answered.
Oct 1, 2013
Grainne and Ian’s Glorious Scottish Kitchen
Grainne and Ian live in a 1910 Edwardian terraced house in Edinburgh, Scotland with fireplaces (plural), high ceilings, wonderful wood floors and built-ins, and oh right — a fabulous, antique-filled kitchen that opens out to a garden. Sigh. “When we bought the house we knew the kitchen had to go,” says Grainne in this recent Apartment Therapy House Tour. “It was fitted and just not our taste.
Sep 24, 2013
A Visit to a Free-Range Chicken Farm
Who: Craig and Kellie McHugh of A Joyful Noise Farm What: An organic and self-sustaining 10-acre farm. Where: Black Forest, Colorado A quest for organic, farm-fresh eggs and a little information about how to potentially raise chickens myself led me recently to A Joyful Noise Farm in the small town of Black Forest, Colorado.
Sep 19, 2013
Victor & Rajiv’s Colorful, Collected Kitchen (and Garden!)
Who cooks and eats here: Victor Wasserman and Rajiv Pinto Where: Chicago, IL – Andersonville Rent or Own? Rent I’m no stranger to Victor Wasserman’s garden. All summer long Victor and his partner, Rajiv, entertain friends for picnics and outdoor “movies in the garden.” Their garden is more than a gathering place, though: the abundant produce also makes its way upstairs to their delightful and eclectic kitchen.
Sep 18, 2013
A Chicago Rental Kitchen With a Few Smart, Stylish Solutions
Marti and Jarrod’s Lincoln Square kitchen is a great example of how to make a boring rental kitchen (with those ubiquitous oak kitchen cabinets!) into something really great. “I wish our kitchen cabinets weren’t oak and I really wish they didn’t have that arch at the top,” says Marti.
Sep 9, 2013
Justina Blakeney’s Jungalow Kitchen
Who cooks and eats here: Justina Blakeney, her husband, and their 1-year-old daughter Ida. Location: Los Angeles, California Type: Rental kitchen Justina Blakeney is a designer, maker, mother and all-around style maven. She cooks much like she decorates, with a wild sense of color, flavor, freshness and authenticity — and she does it all in a small space with a whole bunch of stylish tips and takeaways for those us in awkward, imperfect kitchens!
Sep 3, 2013
Joy the Baker’s Tiny, Adorable, and Organized Kitchen
Who: Joy Wilson, otherwise known as Joy the Baker Where: Venice Beach, California Today on The Kitchn we are joined by a special guest, Joy the Baker! After years of following her blog, laughing at her podcast (co-hosted with Tracy Benjamin), and devouring her last cookbook, I had the privilege of touring her approachable and exceedingly organized kitchen in Venice Beach, California. Guys, this is where all that butter, sugar, flour, magic and alchemy happens!
Aug 27, 2013
Brian and Julia’s Live-Work Loft Kitchen
Who: Julia Stotz and Brian Guido, both photographersWhere: Wicker Park, ChicagoThe first time I met Julia and Brian I was a friend’s guest at a brunch of over 20 people. The two kept everyone’s glass full, while all the guests got to work in every corner of the spacious kitchen preparing their own entrees to share.
Aug 20, 2013
Mari & Adam’s Colorful Craftsman Kitchen
Take two avid cooks from California and put them in a craftsman cottage in Seattle and what do you get? A kitchen full of personality and color, designed to combat the long grey Northwestern winters. Mari and Adam have renovation plans, but in the meantime they’re created a cheerful and cozy spot for themselves and the three dogs that make up their family.
Aug 13, 2013
Becca’s “Just Enough Space to Dabble” Oakland Kitchen
“I feel like I’m on a boat.” These are the words I found escaping my mouth while spending time with Becca Piastrelli in her narrow Oakland, CA kitchen. She laughed and agreed her tiny kitchen is reminiscent of a ship’s galley —  cozy, bright, and a bit quirky! Becca and her husband Tim moved into their current apartment after occupying a much larger home in Sonoma County. They welcomed the change and the vastly shorter commute into San Francisco for work.
Jul 11, 2013
Rebekka’s Golden Nashville Kitchen
Rebekka Seale’s home smells like lavender, lemons, and melted butter. It’s small and cozy, the type of place in which you want to snuggle up and read a book on a rainy afternoon. Everything in Rebekka’s kitchen and dining room is meticulously matched, from the white subway tiles to the fresh flowers that grace her windowsill. She even bought a minty, mossy green-yellow nail polish to match her favorite ice cream flavor (Jeni’s honey pistachio).
Jul 9, 2013
Dana’s Deluxe Live/Work Kitchen
While Dana’s whole apartment is pretty fantastic, it’s hard to deny that the kitchen takes the cake. It’s rather jaw-dropping, in fact. What was once an oddly juxtaposed shabby chic kitchen in a former industrial loft is now an incredibly sleek and seamless space, complete with a room divider/storage wall of kitchen appliances!
Jul 2, 2013
Eva Green’s Greek Hideaway
One of my favorites belonged to a Cretan-born woman named Eva Green who spends half the year on Kea in her hill-top stone home, and the other half of the year in Australia.The house is a former mill, made entirely out of stone. “When I came here there was only a dirt road,” she said. Originally coming to the island distressed from a divorce and wanting to be alone, she found out the little building was for sale and bought it. It had a donkey stable and an outdoor toilet.
Jun 20, 2013
Bo and Lindsey’s Travel-Inspired Kitchen
Bo and Lindsey are right at home in the Old Cloverdale historic district of Montgomery, Alabama, but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy seeing the world! Ten years ago Lindsey moved to Montgomery as part of the city’s historic preservation team and met lifetime resident Bo at a neighborhood house party.
Jun 18, 2013
A Personal, Minimal Amsterdam Kitchen
Five years ago Johanna and Scott moved from the Pacific Northwest to the Netherlands, and in the process left most of their things behind. After three moves around the Netherlands, they finally settled in a flat in Amsterdam. It was semi-furnished, but the couple still managed to bring their own international, eclectic style to it. The kitchen is simple and minimal, but a few personal touches give it life.
Jun 11, 2013
6 Fruit Facts I Learned While Visiting Driscoll’s Berry Farms
Traveling can always be filed under the category “learning experience.” For a moment’s time, you’re set outside your bubble and thrust into the unknown with unfamiliar cultures, traditions, and thoughts. Those elements are why so many people become enamored of travel — it’s fuel for an open mind. Though not as cultural as a trip abroad, perhaps, my most recent trip took me to the fields of Driscoll’s berry farms on the coast of northern California.
Jun 11, 2013
A “Modern Traditional” Seattle Kitchen
In December of 2011 at about 3am, an electrical fire started in the top floor of Michele and Ryan’s beloved Seattle home. Thankfully no one was hurt, but the entire top floor of their home was destroyed, and the first floor badly damaged. Not ones to give in to misfortune, however, Michele and Ryan marched on, renovating and rewiring their entire home, which included new DIY exposed shelving in the kitchen!
Jun 10, 2013
Erin’s Family-Friendly Atlanta Kitchen
Erin Bennett-Jenkins, a prop stylist, and her husband, Matt, an animation director, moved into their 1926 Craftsman home in August of 2012 with their son and immediately tore into the renovation of their kitchen — or rather what had been a kitchen. “It was horrible!” says Erin, who can laugh about it now. “It was tiny and dark, and there were huge holes in the floor where the subfloor had rotted and the tile broken through.
Jun 4, 2013
A Colorful, Eclectic Kitchen in Glasgow
Jewelry-designer Alison Macleod loves beautiful things, both old and new, and her two-bedroom Glasgow flat is filled with collected objects that tell a story — in fact, Alison says her friends are always intrigued “by all of [the] bits and bobs” around the apartment, including in the kitchen!
Jun 3, 2013
Cheyenne’s Spare City Kitchen
The first thing you notice when you walk into Cheyenne’s loft in the SOMA District of San Francisco is the light. It floods through skylights and a bank of west-facing windows in this 1920s industrial building turned condo. The ceilings are high, the palate is white with lots of wood and pops of color, and the style is spare and modern, but the overall effect is welcoming and warm. It feels like the sort of place you want to be.
Apr 30, 2013
Sarah’s Classy Grand Rapids Kitchen
When Josh and Sarah moved into their lovely home in the Cherry Hill Historic District of Grand Rapids, they customized every nook and cranny to their impeccable style. Together Josh, a graphic designer, and Sarah run the lifestyle blog When Regarding Ruffles, so it’s no surprise their house reflects all of their creativity — especially the kitchen!
Mar 19, 2013
Julie and Andy’s Bright, Happy Kitchen
Julie Morelli and Andy Schwegler are the witty and creative minds behind Chicago based print shop Nourishing Notes and boutique design firm Letterform. Their mission is simple, “We believe there’s nothing better than food, family, friends, and laughter.” The two met in in design school and have been together for ten years, and married for two. A truly collaborative pair, they share a business, home and love for cooking.
Mar 12, 2013
Tara’s Hardworking Writer’s Kitchen
“I am a sucker for old buildings,” Tara says of the 1910 brick apartment building she moved into a year ago. “Give me a little vintage charm and I will overlook a multitude of sins.” The apartment has charm to spare: French doors leading into the kitchen, black and white checkerboard floors, and the original insulated “icebox,” which now serves as her baking pantry.
Mar 5, 2013
Lola’s Homemade Orange Kitchen
Lola Milholland is an avid home cook with an amazing range of culinary abilities from making her own whole wheat English muffins to spice blends such as za’atar, tortillas from scratch, organic yogurt and growing her own mushrooms — she cooks with tenacity and confidence! Lola is also the assistant editor for Edible Portland, a soulful publication in which Lola collaborates with local farmers, recipe developers, chefs and photographers.
Feb 19, 2013
Christy Vega’s Personal Kitchen
If you live in Los Angeles you probably know of or have dined at Casa Vega, a family owned Mexican restaurant that has been open since the 50s. You may also be thinking, “Wait! I know Christy and Casa Vega from someplace else…” Yes, she was on Bravo’s Flipping Out with Jeff Lewis. It is always really intriguing to see the personal kitchen of someone who works in the restaurant business, so I was very grateful when she gave me a sneak peek.
Feb 14, 2013
Kathleen’s Carriage House Kitchen
Seven years ago Kathleen bought a derelict century-old carriage house, gutted it, and transformed it into a warm and wonderful home. The Eastern design aesthetic of the renovated space filters into Katherine’s kitchen as well. It’s easy to imagine what joy this kitchen brings to Kathleen. She can cook, host, share, and celebrate all in one glorious spot! Like the rest of the home, Kathleen tried to salvage as many materials from the original building as possible.
Jan 29, 2013
An Archeologist’s Kitchen in Italy
The very last thing I did in Parma during my visit this past fall was to stumble into Gloria Canelli’s magical apartment and gasp. Gloria is an archaeologist whose excitement for the world’s little artifacts is immediately evident when you step into her home, but especially so when she takes you to her kitchen.
Jan 24, 2013
Leela & Dave’s Imperfect Kitchen
My husband and I have lived in this rental kitchen in Portland, Oregon for over a year now, and while it isn’t a designer showcase space, it does have its quirks and charms. It’s been the site of many cups of hot chocolate, champagne toasts, triumphs and failures, for which I’m incredibly grateful. This kitchen is a little awkward in that it has five entry points into the rather large space.
Jan 15, 2013
Tamar Adler’s Brooklyn Kitchen
Tamar Adler, accomplished chef and author of culinary memoir The Everlasting Meal as well as many published articles, is generous and passionate about fresh homemade food. Her Brooklyn kitchen is roomy, practical and functional—a place where wild tomato canning parties for 20 unfold and quiet solitary cups of tea are sipped. It’s a delightful place, where I wanted to stay and chat and pick the brain some more of one of my favorite authors.
Dec 4, 2012
Francis & Jane’s Fiery Family Kitchen
Francis and his wife Jane rent a formerly raw loft in an overlooked but very well located neighborhood in Manhattan. Despite the bare bones of the space, they’ve managed to make it their own. Francis (an architect) built a full bathroom, a number of bedrooms for the couple’s growing family, and a whole new kitchen, which is bright and welcoming and one of the first things one encounters after the long hallway entrance to their apartment.
Nov 20, 2012
Deb Perelman’s Tiny Smitten Kitchen Rental
If you follow Deb Perelman on her enormously popular blog, Smitten Kitchen, you are already familiar with one part of her East Village, NYC home kitchen very well. There is a 36-inch span of black speckled countertop where she preps, plates and shoots just about anything that ends up on the pages of the site.
Nov 15, 2012
Garden Writer Willi Galloway’s Resourceful, Reclaimed Rental Kitchen
Willi Galloway is a garden educator and author who recently published Grow Cook Eat, a lovely book that combines gardening instruction with recipes. In addition to her writing, she hosts a radio show about seasonal cooking and growing. Willi and her husband rent a small bungalow in SE Portland, Oregon. When she’s not juggling one of her many projects, she can be found brewing another pot of green tea in her adorable green kitchen. Yes, this space is a rental, but Willi has made it her own.
Nov 1, 2012
Alisha’s Kitchen Under the Sleeping Loft
This tiny cottage guest house in Fairfax, California is big on happy, bright, vintage style. The cottage itself is only 320 square feet, but it has high ceilings which make it feel a lot more open—and enable a sleeping loft! It’s beneath that sleeping loft that you’ll find the tiny kitchen, decked out with vintage dishes and energy-efficient appliances.
Oct 25, 2012
Doug’s Disco Glam Kitchen
Upon entering Doug’s kitchen, I immediately thought of Studio 54 and the Palladium: shiny, with the promise and allure of excitement. And yet, it’s not an 80’s nightclub. It’s a place to prepare meals and spend time with family! I guess one can get used to anything, but I found that working in a space full of reflective surfaces was invigorating. Doug was looking for something a little different and he certainly found it.
Oct 9, 2012
Hanna & John’s Simple Yet Satisfying Indoor/Outdoor Portland Kitchen
Hanna and John live in a bungalow in SE Portland with several cats and a few constantly-escaping chickens. They cook and eat outdoors in their abundant garden whenever weather permits, and their kitchen and cooking philosophy are full of ingenuity, warmth, collaboration and laughter. Join us for a tour with this food writer and second grade teacher. Hanna and John met shortly after college and quickly embarked on a six-month road trip odyssey through the National Parks of North America.
Oct 2, 2012
Sophie and Iain’s Elegant Yet Family-Focused Vegetarian Kitchen
Sophie and Iain are originally from London and Edinburgh, respectively, but they have lived in Portland for the past few years. The couple has spent time in Rajastan and other parts of Southern India, and they love the fiery flavors of regional Indian food. Their spice drawer certainly attests to this culinary love affair! Join me for a tour of their elegant, open kitchen and an interview with this charming culinary couple. Sophie and Iain are busy working parents.
Sep 4, 2012
Alina’s Exotic Cooking Lair
Alina takes the best of what a country’s cooking and design tradition has to offer and brings it into her home. All the materials are natural and all the colors are warm. It seems that, aside from the food, everything about this kitchen will last forever. online retail store Alina finds fun and inexpensive fixes that yield sophisticated results. She also salvages great old pieces and occasionally splurges on quality products.
Aug 28, 2012
Christopher & Merete’s Truly Tiny Kitchen on the Colorado Range
Christopher and Merete live in a tiny 127-square-foot house on a big stretch of land one hundred miles southwest of Denver. Inspired by the Tiny House movement, they built the home themselves on a very small budget, sourcing materials from local salvage yards, thrift stores, hardware stores and IKEA. It’s super cozy – particularly the kitchen!
Aug 7, 2012
In the Mid-Summer Swing: July at Quail Hill Farm
“It was so magical,” Scott told me, as we drove from the train station to the farm. “A tempest was literally happening! [The actor playing] Prospero, the magician, was talking about his art and magic, and as he waved his hand, there was a flash of lightening outside! It couldn’t have been better.
Jul 27, 2012
Gregory’s Colorful, Health-Focused Kitchen
Gregory is the executive chef at one of Portland’s hottest downtown restaurants, Departure. When he’s cooking at home, he keeps things simple with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in his colorful kitchen. Come take a peek at this wildly vibrant kitchen!Gregory Gourdet is from Queens. His culinary roots stem from family gatherings and a mother who’d always make a cake or nice dessert.
Jul 3, 2012
Cherry & Jeff’s Oven-Less But Active Hong Kong Kitchen
Jeff and Cherry are very comfortable in the kitchen. Having spent most of their lives on the West Coast of the United States, they live by a ‘healthy’ and ‘fresh’ mantra. Ethnically Thai, they grew up with, and learned to prepare, some great dishes from that country. Now after six years in Hong Kong, they’ve learned that cooking can take place in kitchens smaller than previously imagined.
Jun 13, 2012
Searching for Summer Truffles: A Quest in the Tuscan Forest with Christiano Savini
Truffles! What else on this earth is hunted morning, noon and night in lush forests by men, women, children and dogs with the tenacity of Holy Grail seekers? I’d venture to say not a thing. Join me and the father-son team, Luciano and Christiano Savini, as we romp through the forests of Tuscany in search of this rare, precious, and mysterious fungus. (Oh, did I mention these two were the ones who received the Guinness Book of Records award for largest truffle ever found?
Jun 12, 2012
Hakarl and Jili’s Room for Family
Three years ago Hakarl and his partner Jili decided to conceive and raise a child with a lesbian couple. The child actually turned out to be a set of twins, and the two couples decided to form a family of their own making. Both couples bought apartments in the same building in Wiliamsburg, Brooklyn, and the two girls now spend time in each of the homes. This burgeoning family, according to Hakarl, necessitated a few kitchen tweaks.
May 23, 2012