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Treat Your Leaves Right: 4 Rules for Storing Tea
I am most definitely someone who geeks out a little on tea. Since I don’t drink coffee, tea is my hot beverage of choice, whether I need a little nudge from caffeine in the morning or something to calm and soothe me in the afternoon. Over the years, I have acquired quite the collection.
May 1, 2019
5 Big-Batch Drinks to Make in the Slow Cooker
Fact: The best way to survive winter is with a warm beverage in hand at all times. But throwing a tea bag into a mug of boiling water or filling up a thermos with coffee doesn’t always cut it on the most biting cold days. Luckily, we have the slow cooker in these cases.
May 1, 2019
Chopped Liver and Sweet Tea: Cooking Up Memories for Mom
I live in Seattle, but I am a New Yorker with roots in the Deep South — which is to say, I love pork and pastrami, mint juleps and Manischewitz, and chopped liver and sweet tea. The dearth of Jewish delis has affected me more than I thought it would, but I, at least, can find variations of my culinary desires, which tend to be pickles and matzo ball soup. For my mother, the situation is more dire; she longs for tongue and chopped liver, which are considerably more difficult to find.
May 1, 2019
5 Mistakes to Avoid When Making Kombucha
If you haven’t done it before (and even if you have!), making your own kombucha can seem downright intimidating. It’s one of those things that just makes sense once you’ve actually done it a couple times. To make it a little easier, here are some of the most common missteps to avoid. The type of tea used to make kombucha is an important choice. It helps to flavor the kombucha, and more importantly provides necessary nutrients for the scoby.
May 1, 2019
5 Useful Things to Know About Making Kombucha
I’ve spent the past couple weeks doing a fair amount of research on making kombucha. It’s a drink that I have very little experience with, and yet, I feel totally excited about the prospect of making my own. Arming myself with these helpful tips made this once-intimidating process feel totally doable. Before it’s brewed and fermented, kombucha starts with plain tea (like the kind you might sip in the morning or make for an afternoon pick-me-up).
May 1, 2019
A California Tea Party with Leela Cyd
A few weeks back, on a very hot Southern California day, I had a gaggle of girlfriends over for a tea party in a fancy greenhouse to celebrate the launch of my cookbook, Food with Friends: The Art of Simple Gatherings. I went pretty over the top with a decadent menu of nibbles from the book, soul music crooning from under the table, a dress code (yes, I went there!), and finally a beautiful group walk on the beach when it was all over.
May 1, 2019
3 Ways to Organize Your Tea
Are you a person who drinks excessive amounts of tea? That’s my daughter, for sure; I’m a more on-a-whim­­­­­ tea drinker. Either way, it’s always a good idea to keep your stash organized so you’re always just a few minutes from a good cuppa. There are a few different ways to arrange your tea. Choose the one that suits your sipping style — to a T. I recently helped my daughter organize her college-apartment kitchen.
May 1, 2019
Chill Out with This Pineapple-Chamomile Iced Tea
With warm weather on the horizon, I’ve got my eye on this refreshing iced tea recipe. Between the calming chamomile, fragrant fresh basil, and sweet pineapple chunks, this is just the drink to help you chill out on hot days. To start you’ll need to brew some chamomile tea and let it cool completely. Once cool, you blend it with ice, frozen pineapple, and honey, and then stir in some chopped basil. To serve, pour the tea into glasses filled with crushed ice.
May 1, 2019
10 Tea Mugs & Sets Perfect for an Afternoon Break
There’s something delightful about the ritual of afternoon tea. Even if you don’t partake every day, it’s a nice break between tasks at work. And on the weekend, it’s a good reminder to slow down for a second instead of cramming your schedule full of chores and activities. To make it even more of a treat, it’s lovely to have a special mug or cup-and-saucer set.
May 1, 2019
Beyond Southern Sweet Tea: How Sweet Tea Is Drunk Around the World
A mistake had been made. My mother absentmindedly asked for an iced tea at the roadside barbeque joint in rural North Florida. To her chagrin, before she could chase down the waitress and clarify unsweetened tea, a beverage appeared with a glycemic index somewhere between that of a Coca Cola and straight simple syrup. At 8 years old, I was more than happy to drink the sweetened beverage, the sucrose completely masking any bitterness in the tea that my immature pallet would have rejected.
May 1, 2019
5 Alternatives to Coffee to Still Give You a Morning Jolt
For most of us, a jolt of energy in the morning is a necessity. While coffee tends to be the most popular choice, there are plenty of other drinks out there that give you that buzz — some via a caffeine kick, and others that give you energy in non-caffeinated ways. Here are five sips to try instead of that cup of joe. Matcha is powdered Japanese green tea.
May 1, 2019
Recipe: Sparkling Chamomile Tea Mocktail
You know that box of chamomile tea lurking in the back of the pantry for those sleepless night and days you’re feeling under the weather? It’s time to take it out, because we’re showing you a fresh way to put it to use. Floral chamomile tea is the star ingredient in this sweet, herbal sparkler.
May 1, 2019
Recipe: Bubbly Jasmine Tea Mocktail
If you love the floral aroma and pick me-up-you get from a steaming cup of jasmine tea, it’s time to turn this traditionally hot drink into a fast and fancy sparkling mocktail. Tea-infused cocktails are more popular than ever, and while this one skips the booze, it goes big on flavor. It comes together for a fragrant, easy-to-make sparkler that goes with most desserts and dinners. This sparkling mocktail starts with the floral, delicate aroma of strongly steeped and chilled jasmine tea.
May 1, 2019
Recipe: Sparkling Hibiscus Mocktail
You know those pretty dried hibiscus flowers you bought a while ago and forgot about? It’s time to get them out because this is the prettiest way to put them to work. Made from dried hibiscus flowers, this jewel-toned sparkler is just as refreshing as it is beautiful. It greets you with a delicate, sweet-tart flavor, balanced by a splash of bitter tonic. If you have a thing for fancy-flavored iced teas, this is the sparkling upgrade you’ll want to get familiar with.
May 1, 2019
What I Learned Between My First & Fifth Batches of Kombucha
I thought about making my own kombucha for a long time. The thing that finally threw me over the edge was seeing Kitchn’s recently published videos for making both a scoby and kombucha. I pored over the written instructions more times than I care to admit, but actually seeing someone go through the steps made it seem easy and gave me that extra bit of confidence I needed.
May 1, 2019
This Organizer Is Essential for Tea Enthusiasts
Attention, tea drinkers! If you collect tea bags the way other people collect, well, anything, you know that there are endless varieties to try. While your mom is an Earl Grey devotee, you like to switch it up. But it’s hard to keep track of the multitude of different tea bags you have hanging around your cabinets to satisfy your whims, right? That’s where the YouCopia TeaStand, which is now on sale, comes in.
May 1, 2019
This Company Makes Tea Based on Your Favorite Fantasy Series
Tea and geekiness go hand in hand. The world is full of shabby, much-loved copies of Harry Potter and Game of Thrones with tea rings on their covers. And more than one cosplay costume at Comic Con was sewn under the influence of multiple pots of very strong late-night green tea. That’s why people are loving Tea & Absinthe, the independent tea maker that specializes in custom tea blends for the nerdiest fandoms.
May 1, 2019
Cheese Tea Is the Newest Trend You Never Knew You Needed
If you’ve been keeping track of this year’s food trends, then you have to be exhausted. It seems like seven centuries have passed since we crammed into Starbucks for our first Unicorn Frappuccinos, and we seemed impossibly young when we Instagrammed our hand triumphantly holding a charcoal ice cream cone. But as we limp toward the final weeks of the year, carrying a bleeding veggie burger and a plate of cloud eggs, I guess we should get in line for a to-go cup of cheese tea too.
May 1, 2019
Recipe: Galentine’s Day Pitcher Cocktails
This Galentine’s Day, celebrate with a pitcher cocktail that’s easy to make, sophisticated, and crowd-pleasing. It’s a little sweet, a little fruity, a little bubbly, and a little bitter, which pretty much sums up my thoughts on what this day is all about. It’s not too boozy, either, so it’ll fit in whether you’re in for a girls’ night or up for a lazy brunch.
May 1, 2019
Recipe: Mango Kombucha
Of all the ways I’ve flavored kombucha since I first started brewing it last year, I’ve been coming back to mango again and again. It has a mellow sweetness that’s just the right partner for fizzy kombucha’s punchy tang. But, to be honest, if I had seen this recipe the first time I made kombucha, there’s a good chance I would have thought it was too tricky or advanced.
May 1, 2019
5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Making Kombucha
The most helpful tips are the ones you'll pick up from brewing kombucha again and again and again.
May 1, 2019
The One Thing You Need for Extra-Easy Homemade Iced Coffee (or Tea!) in a Flash
People love to talk about cold brew. This very site is running a bunch of stories about it right now, in fact. And obviously, there are lots of ways to turn tea leaves and coffee grounds into a refreshing beverage. But there’s one method that people don’t really talk about all that much: flash chilling (aka Japanese cold brewing).
May 1, 2019
Why Amazon Shoppers Pick This Bargain Electric Kettle over Its Expensive Competitors
There is a whole world of beautiful kettles out there, and we’ve been known to splurge on the perfect tea pot that’s equal parts Instgrammable and functional. But what if you want to just get the job done and not worry about looks? Look no further than the T-fal Balanced Living 4-Cup Electric Kettle. Not only does it have more than 1,800 enthusiastic five-star reviews, but it’s also now on sale for $22 on Amazon.
May 1, 2019
12 Ways to Put Used Tea Bags to Work in and Around the House
It feels so good to be able to do something with the things we’d normally discard. Coffee grounds as rose fertilizer and clementine peels saved for DIY candles come to mind, not to mention composting in general. If you’re a regular or occasional tea drinker, you can add your tea bags to the list of garbage you shouldn’t throw out just yet. Here are some ways to reuse them post-brew. Add a hint of flavor to rice or grains.
May 1, 2019
The Nighttime Routine That Sets Me Up for a Better Morning
I’ve always wanted to be that person who has a morning or nighttime ritual — who sits with the newspaper every morning when sipping their coffee or meditates for 10 minutes before bed. Sadly, rituals are usually lost on me. I get bored or just forget to partake. That’s slowly starting to change, however, as I’ve begun to practice a little more self-care.
May 1, 2019
Our Favorite Calming Teas You Can Buy on Amazon
Is there anything cozier than sitting in your favorite spot and leaning in to your mug of hot tea to smell the steamy herbs wafting out? It’s my nighttime ritual all year round, but even more so when it gets too cold to function outside. I’m not alone! Here are Kitchn staffers’ favorite teas that help us unwind and REMAIN CALM. All of them are available on Amazon, which means you definitely don’t have to go outside to get them! “This is my everyday tea.
May 1, 2019
This Organizer Will Free Up an Entire Kitchen Cabinet
Variety is the spice of life, as they say, and nowhere is this more true than when amassing your collection of tea for cold-weather sipping. I bet everyone in your household has their own favorite that evokes the comforting sensation of sitting on the couch shrouded in a blanket beside a crackling fire and twinkling fairy lights. You make sure you’re stocked on the old standbys: mint, sleepy time, vanilla chamomile, and rooibos.
May 1, 2019
Did You Know You Can Make Iced Tea in Your Instant Pot?
I know I have a tendency to anthropomorphize objects, but I’ve said “My Instant Pot is my best friend” so often I think it might have become true. I do talk to it a lot, saying things like, “Are you done yet? Which button am I supposed to push now? How do I get you to say ‘I love you’?” Now I worry that my yogurt cake- and wine-making BFF is feeling neglected.
Jun 15, 2018
This Isn’t Bottled Water — It’s Crystal Milk Tea, and It’s Awesome
I am an absolute sucker for things that look like other things. Cats in lion costumes? Laminate countertops painted to look like marble? The fact that Queer Eye‘s Antoni Porowski looks just like John Mayer? I am here for it. That’s why I was utterly delighted by these fancy water bottles that aren’t full of water at all — they’re full of milk tea that just happens to look just like water.
Apr 20, 2018
This Tahini-Rose Latte Is Better than Any Starbucks Drink
Thanksgiving has come and gone, but the holiday season is still in full swing. Now more than ever, with parties and presents on the horizon, it’s important to remember to slow down, reflect, and recharge. Making yourself a nice cup of tea and taking a moment to enjoy it is one way to give yourself a little zen time this winter. This latte is definitely a step up from your standard cuppa.
Nov 27, 2017
Nobody Has Ever Loved Food as Much as This Man Loves Tea
Britain is known for being a nation of tea-lovers, but nobody in the U.K. loves tea as much as Yorkshireman Nathan Garner. In fact, nobody has ever loved any food as much as he loves tea. I’m serious! This dude loves his tea more than Proust loved Madelines and Monty Python loved Spam, and he just proved it by legally changing his middle name to “Yorkshire Tea.” Nathan Derek Garner is no more. Long live Nathan Yorkshire Tea Garner.
Oct 9, 2017
The One Thing You Need for Better Iced Tea
If you haven’t mixed up a pitcher of iced tea yet this summer, I urge you to do so immediately. Cold and refreshing, iced tea is the perfect thing to sip on a warm summer evening. And I’ve got just the thing to make your next batch the best you’ve ever made. Can you guess what it is? Flavored ice cubes! Sweetened ice cubes with lemon slices and fresh mint, to be exact.
Aug 23, 2017
This Green Matcha Sangria Will Blow People’s Minds
You’ve probably had a matcha latte before, and you’ve also probably (I hope!) had a glass of sangria, but have you ever combined the two? Before you write this unlikely pairing off as too weird, remember that Starbucks recently came out with a matcha lemonade. This cold, refreshing use of matcha for a summertime sipper inspired Shelly Westerhausen, of Vegetarian Ventures, to make matcha sangria. And I’m so glad she did.
Aug 8, 2017
Your Oatmeal Requires a Tea Bag
Mornings are about efficiency. How can you quickly get out the door while still managing a healthy breakfast and a caffeine kick? Here’s your answer: Cook your oatmeal in tea. You’re not only getting a buzz from your breakfast bowl, but it’s also creamy, spicy, and delicious! The concept is simple. While you usually cook your oats in a simmering pot of water, cook them in a simmering pot of tea instead.
Oct 24, 2016
The IKEA RÅSKOG Cart as Coffee Station
What do most of us do every day — and, let’s be honest, many times a day? Yes, drink a nice cup of coffee or tea. Now, how many of us have a designated coffee cart in our homes? Crickets. That’s what I thought. Why not give the ritual we hold so dear a platform to live on? IKEA’s RÅSKOG cart proves its usefulness once again.
Oct 7, 2016
I Tried to Erase My Soviet Past, but Tea Brought Me Back
Growing up in 1970s and 1980s Moscow, my day began and ended with tea. Always in a cup with a saucer, in the mornings it accompanied a breakfast of eggs or a cheese sandwich and in the evenings a dushevni (or soulful) conversation with my mother. We made the tea by mixing boiling hot water with the concentrated tea brew, or zavarka, directly in the cups. The staple of every Soviet household, zavarka was kept in a ceramic teapot and lasted at least a day.
May 26, 2016
The Grocery-Store Tea That Changed My Life
I tried it all: Tylenol, Ibuprofen, hot packs, exercising, wishing for a quick and painless death. Then, I discovered relief in a common grocery-store tea.
May 24, 2016
Traveling with Tea: 5 Places I Learned to Love Through Their Tea
I began my tea-drinking habit early. At age 10, it was a handy excuse to linger at the dinner table and listen in on adult conversations. I drank Red Rose tea with milk and as much sugar as I could manage to toss in without my mom noticing. As I’ve gotten older, tea has continued to be a reason to idle; I’ve visited more than 70 countries, and I’m sure I’ve had a cup of tea in every one.
May 20, 2016
Top Tea Moments in Popular Culture
Tea. It’s a drink with jam and bread, a beverage sipped by characters in Jane Austen novels, and required drinking on (or while watching) Downton Abbey. And tea’s role in Western pop culture doesn’t stop there: Down the rabbit hole and back up again to strange new worlds and beyond, here are some of our favorite tea cameos. Ever the proper Brit, Mary Poppins knows teatime waits for no one — even flying nannies.
May 13, 2016
What Is Clotted Cream?
If you’ve ever had the chance to enjoy afternoon tea at a fancy hotel or tea room, you may have been lucky enough to be served clotted cream. Piled high on scones along with jam, it’s so decadent that it’s practically dessert. But what exactly is it? Clotted cream originated in the counties of Devon and Cornwall in southwest England. It’s made by indirectly heating full-fat cow’s milk in shallow pans over steam or a water bath.
May 2, 2016
Tips for Making Your Own Sleepytime Tisane
Drinking herbal, caffeine-free teas, also known as tisanes, is a wonderful way to wind down at the end of a long day. And while it’s convenient to pick up a box of herbal tea bags or a relaxing loose-leaf blend, it’s a whole lot more fun to create your own custom mix. It also happens to be quite easy to do. To make your own tisane, it’s as simple as mixing and matching a couple dried herbs and spices together.
Feb 17, 2016
5 Sweet & Savory Ways to Infuse Your Recipes with Tea
Tea might be the second most-consumed beverage in the world, but we often overlook these fragrant leaves when it comes to cooking. Think of tea as a spice, and this throws open the pantry doors of possibility. Each different kind of tea provides a unique flavor profile and personality that can add a touch of exotic essence to familiar flavors of your favorite dinners and desserts.
Oct 22, 2015
Raise a Glass to Summer with This Rooibos Peach Punch
It’s summer. It’s hot outside. And there’s a holiday weekend on the horizon. You know what that means, right? Time to whip up a refreshing cocktail. One that’s got just the right hint of flavor and zing. One that’ll cool you down and help you get a little buzz on. This rooibos peach punch is just the ticket. This cocktail is like an upgraded version of Snapple peach iced tea — with booze. I mean, how can you go wrong?
Jun 29, 2015
It’s Time to Try Matcha
Matcha’s popularity has seen a huge uptick lately. You’ve probably heard of this powdered green tea by now, but have you tried it yet? Don’t just lob matcha in the green tea bucket — it’s so much more than that! Matcha is a type of high-quality Japanese green tea that’s been steamed, dried, and ground into a fine powder. While other types of green tea can be grown in many parts of the world, matcha is unique to Japan.
Feb 4, 2015
Hot Tea Is the Best Way to End Thanksgiving Dinner
We spend a lot of time planning and cooking the Thanksgiving meal, but what happens when the feast is over? The late afternoon hours at the table are my favorite part, after the rush of the meal, lingering over a last bite of pie and talking with relatives I rarely get to see. But if you just can’t handle one more pecan bar and another glass of wine is a bad idea, cup your hands around a hot cup of tea instead — and make enough for everyone as they sit back and digest.
Nov 22, 2014
One Small Way to Keep Your Tea Hoard From Taking Over the Pantry
Fall is in the air and we’ve ditched our iced beverages for warmer things. I’m an herbal tea drinker, and I love collecting the perfect flavors for cozy tea times — until moving just one box causes a tea avalanche. A tea-valanche. You know what I’m talking about! Here’s the one small thing I do to keep my tea collection from taking over my cupboard. When temperatures shift, I often feel like Michael Cera in Scott Pilgrim vs.
Oct 28, 2014
5 Reasons to Keep Whole Cinnamon Sticks in Your Spice Rack
Cinnamon sticks always make a lovely garnish and freshly grated cinnamon is a nice treat, but there are other uses for full sticks of this perfect-for-fall-spice, ones you may not have even considered. Here are five great reasons why we keep cinnamon sticks stocked in the kitchen, and why you should too! If you don’t keep cinnamon sticks in your spice cabinet, now is the perfect time to consider stocking up.
Sep 25, 2014
6 Expert Tips for Terrific Iced Tea
Iced tea is ubiquitous, but it doesn’t have to be boring. We spoke to American Tea Room’s David Barenholtz who shared six expert tips for making flavorful, vibrant, and naturally sweet iced tea. David Barenholtz is the founder and CEO of American Tea Room.
Aug 5, 2014
What You Should Know About Oolong Tea
You’ve tried green and black (and perhaps white and jasmine too), now how about oolong tea? With the fragrance of green tea and the smoothness of black tea, oolong tea is full-bodied, sweet, and reminiscent of stone fruits like apricots. Although it is traditionally served hot, I think oolong also makes particularly good iced tea. Like all true teas, oolong tea is produced from the leaves of a shrub called Camellia sinensis.
Jul 18, 2014
What You Should Know About Jasmine Tea
If you’ve ever sipped tea in an American Chinese restaurant, there’s a good chance it was jasmine tea. Jasmine is one of several Chinese scented or flower teas, and the most renowned. Aromatic and slightly sweet, it is delicious with meals, on its own, and incorporated into desserts.
Jul 1, 2014
5 Sweet Ways to Bake with Tea
Did you know that tea leaves can actually go bad? Depending on the type, tea has essential oils in it that can go rancid if it’s sat around for too long. Don’t let it get to that point, bake up some of these tea-infused treats and serve them with your next afternoon cup instead! Teas are essentially no different than spices – they’re dried, concentrated bits of flavor.
Jun 27, 2014
Tea Concentrate Is the Best Way to Make Tea for a Crowd
If you’re serving tea to a lot of people at a party or brunch, the last thing you want to deal with are measuring tools, infusers, strainers, or even a bunch of tea bags. Fortunately, it’s really easy to make tea for a crowd using a tea concentrate. You can even prepare it a day or two ahead. A tea concentrate is simply a double-strength brew that you dilute with boiling water before serving.
May 19, 2014
Did You Know That You Can Make Tea Out of Rose Petals?
In the spring and summer I love to finish a meal with a tisane, tea made from fresh herbs like lemon verbena or mint. But I had no idea that rose petals can be used to make this as well! Isn’t that a romantic idea? Here’s how Erin at Yummy Supper makes hers. Erin Scott at Yummy Supper says that she gathers rose petals from her own yard, and pours hot water over them to let them steep. You can watch a lovely video of this below. What does it taste like?
May 14, 2014
What You Should Know About Green Tea
There’s black tea and there’s green tea, but within each of these categories is a vast and flavorful array of different varieties. Today we’re looking at green tea, what it is, how much caffeine it really has, and some of the most popular kinds from China and Japan. If you’ve been sipping just one or two types of green tea, you may be surprised at how many other kinds there are to explore.
Apr 28, 2014
The Right Tea to Drink with a Tuna Fish Sandwich: And More Tea Pairing Tips from Jessie Jacobs of Samovar
Who: Jesse Jacobs Where: Samovar Tea Lounge in San Francisco, CA The Question: What kind of tea should I drink with my favorite foods? Jesse Jacobs is a passionate, wholehearted tea-lover and the owner of Samovar Tea Lounge, a small chain of four tea cafes located in San Francisco. Samovar is noted for its top of the line tea offerings as well as its innovative pairings of tea and food.
Apr 3, 2014
What You Should Know About Black Tea
Beyond the label of black versus green tea, each of these categories includes a rich array of aromas and flavors. Today we’re taking a closer look at black tea in its various forms, from smoky and chocolatey to bright and citrusy. Wondering when to add milk, or which variety is better for iced tea? Step right in… Black tea comes from a shrub called Camellia sinensis.
Mar 10, 2014
What’s the Difference Between Green and Black Tea?
What makes green tea green and black tea black? Is one better for you than the other? Learn about the differences between these two types of tea… Black and green tea come from the same shrub called Camellia sinensis. In both cases harvesters pluck the uppermost buds and leaves from the plant. So what’s the difference? It comes down to processing and oxidation, the chemical process that causes browning.
Feb 27, 2014
The 5 Spices You Need for Homemade Chai (Well, OK. Maybe There Are 8.)
I conceived of this post as a starting point for all of you who love chai, that spicy and fragrant milky tea drunk across most of India and much of east Africa. I wanted to show you the five essential spices that, once procured, will help you make a delicious cup of spicy tea. But then I ran into difficulties. Chai comes in so many forms and flavors — I think I might start a minor tea war here if I prescribed only five spices.
Feb 21, 2014
Take a Holiday Break with DIY Spiced Tea
The shopping, the baking, the decorating, the caroling, the traveling — the holidays are never stressful, right? It’s just joy and peace and jolly and festive! Well, just in case the stress does happen to creep in, here’s an idea: make a cup of spiced tea, snag some quiet space in the kitchen and nosh on one of those gorgeous cookies sure to be within reach.
Dec 20, 2013
Holiday Recipe: Hot Amarula Thai Tea
If there is one must-add to your holiday bar setup this year it’s Amarula. This cream liqueur, made from the Marula fruit, is rich and creamy and delicious in all sorts of holiday inspired cocktails. In Africa, where the Marula fruit trees are plentiful, elephants walk for miles following the sweet scent until they find this sun-ripened fruit to feast upon. Lucky for us there’s no need to trek hundreds of miles to have a sip.
Dec 3, 2013
10 Timeless Tea Kettles
Working in my chilly apartment here at the end of October, I’m drawn towards a hot cup of tea to get me through the afternoon (ginger being my favorite). So what better excuse do I need to sleuth out 10 timeless, never-go-out-of-style tea kettles? These stainless steel beauties (and one enamel) are designed to last, with classic styling that’ll outlive trends and changing tastes.
Oct 30, 2013
Late Summer Treat: Chilled Milk with Chai Tea Ice Cubes
Where I live, fall is not in the air. The late summer heat is relentless and there will be no hot apple ciders or spiced cakes in my near future, which is why I love this idea from the blog Will Cook For Friends: chai-spiced tea cubes served in a glass of icy-cold milk. It’s a way to enjoy the warm spices of autumn in a cool, refreshing treat! The ice cubes are made of strong black tea steeped with whole spices and ginger.
Sep 6, 2013
Love Coffee Affogato? Try One with Tea!
Affogato: the simple, Italian dessert couldn’t be better for the last days of summer. Creamy cool ice cream paired with hot espresso means a perfect combination of bitter coffee and sweet ice cream, hot and cold. And why not try it with tea? Pour your favorite tea, whether it’s a cup of chai, earl grey or even green tea, over simple vanilla ice cream. We think a stronger tea would work best here to really add some flavor. Have you ever tried affogato with tea?
Aug 27, 2013
George Orwell’s 11 Golden Rules for Making the Perfect Cup of Tea
In 1946 English novelist and journalist George Orwell published an essay in the Evening Standard entitled “A Nice Cup of Tea.” For everyone who’s ever believed there’s an art to making a good cup of tea, you’ll definitely enjoy Mr. Orwell’s 11 “golden” rules for the perfect cup. Read the full essay below:Originally published January 12, 1946 in the Evening Standard.
Jun 26, 2013
Lei Cha: Have You Ever Tried Hakka Pounded Tea?
Recently Serious Eats featured “pestle tea,” a Hakka Chinese drink made from tea leaves pounded with nuts and seeds. Intrigued by the sound of this creamy, nourishing tea, we explored further and realized this is the lei cha that we’ve found in packets at Asian markets — but so much better when made from scratch.Lei cha, also known as pounded, ground, or thunder tea, is a specialty of the Hakka people of southern China.
Jan 22, 2013
DIY Earl Grey Tea for Earl Grey Tea Haters (and Lovers, Too!)
Here’s a fun, simple, very rewarding DIY project to help lift the January doldrums: make your own Earl Grey (or Lady Grey) tea! I can personally attest that this tea will win over even those of you who, like me, usually don’t care for Earl Grey. The process itself is easy but it does offer one challenge: sourcing fresh bergamot fruit. Read on for my very simple homemade Earl Grey tea recipe.I must confess up front that I don’t care for Earl Grey tea.
Jan 22, 2013
Got Apple Peels? Make Tea!
Do you have leftover apple peels from making sauce, pie, and other seasonal apple dishesThis is technically a tisane rather than a tea, although you could add apple peels to a cup of black or green tea. What we do is forgo the tea leaves and simply simmer a handful of organic apple peels in a saucepan of water for 5-10 minutes.Your kitchen will smell amazing, and the drink has the delicate flavor of apples and any other whole spices you add, such as a cinnamon stick, cardamom, or cloves.
Oct 17, 2012
Does Putting Milk In Your Tea Negate Its Health Benefits?
You may choose to drink tea with a little bit of milk to make it taste better, but are you diminishing tea’s health benefits in the process? It turns out that, yes, that may be the case. Researchers at the Fifth International Scientific Symposium on Tea and Human Health say that milk proteins bind with the flavonols in tea, making it more difficult for the body to absorb them and reap the health benefits.
Oct 1, 2012
Pretty Refresher: Iced Chrysanthemum Tea
Golden, mellow, and sweet, iced chrysanthemum tea makes a beautiful refreshment on a warm day. It’s so pretty that we can imagine serving it to mom on Mother’s Day, or at any number of springtime celebrations.Dried chrysanthemum flower buds don’t look terribly impressive, but when they’re dropped into water, the petals unfurl, releasing their delicate fragrance. The flavor is mildly sweet with an herbal honey note and the color ranges from pale to bright yellow.
May 2, 2012
Dinner Party Etiquette: When to Serve Coffee and Tea
There are two ways of thinking about the proper time to serve coffee and tea after a meal. The most formal and traditional way is to serve dessert first, followed by coffee once the dessert plates have been cleared. (This also used to be a signal that it was now OK for people to light up their cigarettes. Clearly, times have changed!)The second, more casual possibility is to serve coffee/tea with the dessert.
Mar 30, 2012
Seven Days, Seven Hot Toddies: Part 2
The toddy project continues with two delicious combinations of tea and booze – whiskey and black tea to perk you up, and chamomile and bourbon to send you off to sleep. I couldn’t stop drinking this. It’s so many things I love, mixed into one: whiskey, tea, spices, honey. I can see myself drinking this après-ski in front of a roaring fire, or just après-work at the end of a long day. Go ahead, make one: you’ve earned it.
Jan 27, 2012
Twinings Changes Earl Grey Recipe: Tea Lovers Outraged
Imagine picking up a box of Earl Grey tea bags at your local store and brewing a cup, as you have for many years. You bring the steamy beverage to your lips and realize something is wrong. Did someone replace your favorite tea with dishwater? That’s (literally!) what some Brits are saying about Twinings’ new Earl Grey recipe, launched in UK in April. Read on for the incredible comments from outraged tea drinkers.
Aug 31, 2011