How To Make Tomato PuréeRecipes
Tomato purée is a cooking essential you might be missing. Simpler and a bit thicker than its flavorful cousin, tomato sauce, tomato purée is a fast way to quickly prepare and freeze a bushel of fresh tomatoes for future cooking. Plum or Roma tomatoes are best for purée because they are generally grown for preserving. Paste, oven-dried tomatoes, and sauce are all made from these varieties — they are low in water content and rich in flavor.
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As much as we love ice cream, we wouldn’t want you to miss out on another sweet, creamy treat: homemade frozen yogurt. So I went about looking for the very best method for making frozen yogurt. After testing several recipes I’ve found that whipping up your own batch of fro-yo isn’t too different from making your own ice cream, though there are a few key differences to keep in mind.
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